Jill Stein shreds Shriver

SUBHEAD: Asking the wrong questions for the same-old answers will get the same disastrous consequences.

By Staff on 10 October 2016 for Jill Stein for President -

Image above: Still from video interview below. Maria Shriver can't put down the cellphone that's telling her what ridiculous questions to ask to Stein. Most backfire on her.  From (http://www.jill2016.com/debates).

Last week Jill stopped in for an interview with Maria Shriver, corporate media icon and heir to one of the great establishment political families.

To be blunt, Maria tried to ridicule, mock and undermine Jill. And just as at Standing Rock -- Jill stood strong, powerful and unwavering.

What you'll see is a candidate who will not bow down and will not give in. What you'll also see is a so-called “journalist” attempting to trivialize real issues to defend Hillary Clinton. Maria Shriver used  every “gotcha” tactic in the book, and Jill was nothing short of phenomenal!

It was particularly galling to hear Maria Shriver try to shame Jill (and her supporters) for not supporting Hillary Clinton, and strongly implied that YOUR vote automatically belong to Hillary. Be sure to listen to Jill's fearless answer.

Video above: Maria Shriver interviews Jill Stein. From (https://youtu.be/eNAUW2KzjKk).

Jill's days are filled with back-to-back interviews and last night, at the second Presidential Debate, Democracy Now! Was prepared to allow Jill's answers to be heard after Hillary and Donald's non-answers to each question.

But for the first time in their history, technical difficulties prevented them from being able to do a live show from a different location.

But Jill’s team turned on a dime, and created a Facebook stream to allow Jill to respond in real time. Over 2 million people were reached this way!

Please check out that recording on the website, and you will see that Jill always comes back to the issues that are literally killing us: climate disaster (Matthew being just the latest superstorm), wealth inequality, access to medical care, student debt, institutional racism, police brutality, and so much more.

The Green Party has the answers that Americans are desperate to hear. We will continue to take to the “people's media”, social media like Facebook and Twitter, to make our case and spread the Green movement.

The establishment media is trying to silence us. But the great wind of change is blowing …

This movement will not be stopped - it will be heard, and it will grow. The work we do this year will directly translate into more Green candidates in the next election cycle, and a 2020 presidential campaign that will be immediately well-funded, organized, and effective.

But we can't keep up this work, especially our 50-state Get Out The Vote campaign, without your financial help. Please, will you chip in $29 for Stein today, or any amount you can give up to $2700 per person.

Hillary and Donald don't have bold, breakthrough answers. You know that. The Maria Shrivers of the world don't have brilliant, incisive questions. You also know that.

If you ask the wrong questions and put forth the same-old, same-old answers, all you get is the same disastrous consequences.


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