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SUBHEAD: It's hard to tell if spending my mornings on the keyboard is better than catching up on yard work.

By Juan Wilson on 21 August 2016 for Island Breath -

Image above: Squash harvested from a food-forest project that Arius Hopman and I have been working on in our "spare time". Detail of photo by Arius Hopman.

Every once in a while I feel the need to vent a bit. It usually produces personal article for this blog (http://islandbreath.blogspot.com/).  Many of those articles have taken on the format of a warning, a prediction, advise or even sermon.

Over the years the nature of the pieces has changed. At first they looked to the future and warned of trouble ahead. Like the first seaman's call on the Titanic that there was a iceberg dead ahead.

Later the articles were ways of mitigating the damage to come in order to maintain some sustainable level of civilization. Then is was climbing down from the limb we were on and accepting a less techno-centric life. More recently, the focus is on maintaining a oasis in the desert. Below is a sampling.

Of course, the very means I've used to get these messages out is a techno-centric enterprise. I'm mostly communicating with others of the same mindset as well. Is this so we can just lick our wounds together?

Working on the website takes a few a hours a day. And as I slow down with the addition of years, a few hours a day means lots of work not done in the yard and lots of small repairs waiting to be done... and that's not even counting the bigger projects that are in a holding pattern.

When there have been major problems we have faced together on Kauai, like the resistance to the SuperFerry and GMO pesticide spraying Bill 2491, this website has had the highest readership and served a real purpose.

But readership has been on a slow downhill over the last few years. There will come a point where I decide to move on to other activist work.

I have prepared for some possible contingencies. For example, I've been preparing an electric free office. Ive bought two 60 year Royal typewriters, a A. B. Dick mimeograph machine that could continue "Island Breath" as a neighborhood printed handout.

The pre-internet paraphernalia I've gathered includes drafting equipment and supplies to replace the Computer-Aided-Design-and-Drafting software that I currently use for planning and mapping.

So in a sense, I'm prepared (although not quite ready) to move to a much lower level of technological gadgetry for working on the Big Issues.

In the meantime, I would ask you blog-reader - If this daily website work continues what would you find useful subjects to pursue? One area that seems to hold sustained popularity is 'How To" and "Recipes" articles as well as older Hawaiian "Nature" articles.

You can either email me at juan@islandbreath.org or leave a comment on this post.

See below are a sampling my previous articles:

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Besides sweetening cheese dogs & tomato paste, GMO corn is the primary US food crop.


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