War on Terror

SUBHEAD: The War on Terror was for oil and dollars, now it's about keeping us in line when things get rough.

By Juan Wilson on 23 June 2014 for Island Breat -


Image above: Iranian soldier under poison gas attack from Iraq during Iran-Iraq War (1980-88). it is likely over one half million perished during the conflict. From (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran%E2%80%93Iraq_War).

On the face of continuing War on Terror and the Asian Pivot are two disparate maneuvers by the United States to confront the issues of keeping free trade operating around the Pacific Rim and facing militant jihadist terrorism in the Middle East. They are really to arms of a single agenda.

 Our Wars in the Middle East
In 1953 the CIA engineered a coup d'etat that overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran and replaced him with Reza Palavi as the Shah. After the OPEC Oil Embargo hit the US in 1974 Iran became an important ally. I lived in Iran in 1975 and 1976 and can tell you that there was a shooting war going on back then between Iraq and Iran, with US backing and air support for Iran.

In 1979 Iran experienced a popular uprising that swept away the secular dictatorship of the Shah. Iran's Revolutionary Guard had enthusiastic support to install Ruhollah Khomeini as the Supreme Leader. According to the Iranian constitution, the Revolutionary Guard is intended to protect the country's Islamic system.

Once the Shah was gone and Iran was a Shia Moslem State we backed Assad Hussein's secular dictatorship in Iraq. He was Sunni but kept the lid on the Sunni/Shia schism while supressing the Kurds.

In the Middle East we have been openly engaged in a "War on Islam" since 1979 and the Iranian Revolution that overthrew our CIA picked secular tyrant, the Shah Reza Palavi. Israel had a friend in the Middle East during the time of the Shah.

In the years of the presidency of Ronald Reagan (1980-88) we were fine with him gassing Iranian soldiers and rolling his tanks through southern Iran.

Keep in mind that through this time George Herbert Walker Bush was director of the CIA and was thinking of every evil twist imaginable.

We supported Saddam Hussein coming to power in 1979. After the Iranian Revolution we needed a friend somewhere in the Middle East other than Israel.  Saddam promised he was going to be a secular dictator- having to hold a population split Sunni and Sharia.

So during Saddam's Iran-Iraq War 1980-88) we helped him out and looked the other way when he gassed Iranian teenage conscripts and his own Kurdish people man, woman and child.

At the same time, USSR (Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics now Russia) was having a hard time holding onto its client state in the Middle East, Afghanistan. In the 1980s they faced a militant insurgency.

America decided it could stir that pot too. In the 1980s we armed, trained and supported militant Sunni extremists - the Mujahideen - against the USSR. We won! And many of the terrorists we have faced since, from Osama bin Lauden to Al Queda in Iraq were trained and armed by the USA.

Once the USSR left Afghanistan with its tail between its legs it had to face the fallout of the Chernobyl meltdown, the Berlin Wall fiasco and economic collapse. The result was oblivion.

As a result US could turn its attention on alienating the Sunni in Iraqi by stabbing Saddam Hussein in the back. He got sucker-punched into thinking America would look the other way if he to back Kuwait (once part of Iraq).

In 1990 George H. W. Bush was president and we engaged in the first war on Iraq, called the Gulf War or First Iraq War. After a military rout Saddam was left under the administration of a US embargo up through two Bill Clinton terms in the 1990s. What we did was keep Iraq impoverished and angry.

Reenter stage left - Osama bin Lauden to Al Queda. We experience the first major false flag event since Pearl Harbor  and the Tonkin Gulf Incident; namely the attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC on September 11th 2001 ( or simply 911). We finally have a name  for all these Shia-Sunni dust-ups. It's called:

The War on Terror!
And a terror it is. The USA turns it back on its Constitution. It engages in war crimes and torture and beyond. All in the name of Safety over Freedom. George W. Bush is now president and the tag team of Cheney and Rumsfeld lead a pack of blood/oil thirsty neocons into staging a war on Afghanistan with a followup war on Iraq.

In 2003 the Bush Administration plants phoney evidence of a buildup of Weapons of Mass Destruction on Saddam Hussein and declares him an ally of Al Queda. The Second Iraq was on! SHOCK and AW fuck what the hell is this?!! We eventually execute Hussein and turned yo  Nouri al-Maliki.

Al-Maliki began his political career as a Shia dissident under Saddam Hussein's dictatorship in the late 1970s and fled a death sentence into exile for 24 years. He was installed as Prime Minister of Iraq after Kurdish, CIA, and Iranian Qud Forces approval. The Qud Forces is the Special Forces branch of Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Yes. It gets complicated.

A simple explanation for all of the above is a continuing manipulation the schism within Islam that includes keeping all sides weak and allows for a continued draw-off of their fossil fuels.

A Third War on Iraq is now underway. It now includes Syria and Iran and will likely include anywhere in the Middle East America has boots on the ground or drones in the air.

 It's been going on for a long time. The British, in 1921, after World War One, carved Iraq out of the corpse of the Ottoman Empire. The CIA overthrew the Shah in 1953. In 1971 Nixon cut a deal to protect the rich Saudi Arabian families (including Osama bin Lauden's) if the country conducted all its sale of oil in US dollars.

The War on Us
After the economic collapse of 2008 and since the Arab Spring in the Middle East and Occupy Wall Street movement here it has become obvious to our political leaders, military planners and financial elite that the average person on the street is not a participating middle class citizen but a potential enemy.

If the average person on the street is an unemployed Iraq War veteran or unwed mother saddled with unpayable college loans then our leadership will see that average citizen as a burdensome enemy... a terrorist.

The War on Us has begun. Most people experience a bit of this when ever they board a plane to travel anywhere and confront the hurdles and indignities imposed by the TSA. Some see this antagonism in the FEMA camp plans, others in the NSA documenting all personal communications.

A sure sign the we the people are the enemy of the established order is the militarization of our local police forces. They are equipped and ready, on a moment's notice, to be the foot soldiers of a federally imposed martial law. Just think "Boston Marathon Bombing".

Be independent. Be prepared. Be invisible.



Anonymous said...

We the people are the enemies of the established order and being controlled not only by physical force and violent methods, but also by technological mind bending via the consciousness field. I listened to Alex Jones interviewing David Icke (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?72490-David-Icke-on-the-Alex-Jones-Show-Last-Night-24-june-2014----Great-Information... The best is the last part of the interview so stick with it until then.

Anonymous said...


Juan Wilson said...

Aloha Anonymous #1

Alex Jones gets it all mixed up.He sees some of the problems, but he jumps to the wrong conclusions as to the solutions (possibly to keep his audience).

Listening to InfoWars is ultimately a dead end. It is merely the fascination of turning over rocks to see the bugs squirm in the light.

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