Operation Dominic & Hawaii

SUBHEAD: The modern PMRF is the spawn of thermonuclear tests conducted as Operation Dominic by Task Group 8.

By Juan Wilson on 3 June 1014 for Island Breath -

Image above: Night view of Starfish Prime atmospheric nuclear explosion off Johnston Atoll on 1962 from Honolulu. From (http://jacobdarwinhamblin.com/2013/08/13/environmental-legacy-of-the-limited-test-ban-treaty/).

The US military, in particular the Navy, has been destroying life on Earth by systematically damaging and degrading the integrity of the Pacific Ocean. Since World War Two our dominance over the Pacific has been a strategic "asset" in controlling and plundering the planet.

Since the demise of the Soviet Union and ther onset of Peak Everything, President Obama has doubled-down on a strategy that centers on further destruction of Earth's cradle of life - it's called the Pacific Pivot.

RIMPAC 2014 is only one symptom of the on going destruction. Starring the USS Reagan Carrier Strike Group leader, RIMPAC is merely the "General Audience" trailer for for much darker plans.

Remember that the USS Reagan and other ships in its Carrier Group were damagedf by "hot particle" radiation a few miles of Fukushima Daiichi when three nuclear reactor melted down after exploding. over 100 crew members were seriously injured.  The Reagan was in dry-dock for 18 months of decontamination. The crew of the ship has been replaced and the Reagan is scheduled to be permanently stationed in Japan after its role as  RIMPAC 2014 fleet leader. Such is the black humor of the US Navy.

It's clear the US government, its military, and nuclear technology contractors it hires care little about  our well being or life on Earth.

For a view of how bad it has been historically take a look at what we did here near the Hawaiian Islands only decades ago - It was a series of nuclear explosions off Johnston Atoll, a mere 700 miles from Kauai County, Hawaii.

Image above: google Earth map of distance between Johnston Atoll and Niihau, Hawaii (less than 700 mikes). Click to embiggen.

The video below describes a series of nuclear tests in 1962 from Johnston Atoll. US B-52 bombers dropped atomic bombs into the ocean as well as Thor rocket carried nuclear bombs detonated in the atmosphere. These "tests" lit up the night sky in Honolulu.

The Johnston Island area segment of Operation Dominic I was divided into two parts, the Fishbowl high-altitude tests and open sea airdrop tests. Much of the film was devoted to the failures that occurred in the high-altitude program. In one test, a rocket was destroyed because it was believed to be off-course, but post flight data revealed that it was on the correct trajectory. Another rocket blew up on the launch pad because of a sticking fuel valve.

This caused the high explosives in the weapon to detonate, resulting in the destruction and contamination of the launch pad and surrounding area. In another instance, a rocket had flight irregularities stemming from the wrong configuration of a flight plan. The nuclear device detonated directly over Johnston Island, instead of 26 miles away as planned.

To improve obtaining test data, the Thor launch vehicles (rockets) also carried and deployed three scientific test pods. These reentry pods contained diagnostic equipment, and shortly after they were deployed, the nuclear weapon was detonated. The pods splashed into the sea and were retrieved by helicopters.

The successful rocket-launched, weapons-effects, Operation Fishbowl high-altitude tests conducted in the Johnston Island area in 1962 were as follows:
    400-kilometer altitude, 1.4 megaton
  • CHECKMATE, October 20,
    tens of kilometers altitude, low (less than 20 kilotons)
  • BLUEGILL 3 PRIME, October 26,
    tens of kilometers altitude, submegaton (less than a megaton, but more than 200 kilotons)
  • KINGFISH, November 1,
    tens of kilometers altitude; submegaton submegaton
  • TIGHTROPE, November 4,
  • tens of kilometers altitude, low (less than 20 kilotons)
The five open sea airdrop, weapons-related tests in the Johnston Island area were as follows:  
  • ANDROSCOGGIN, October 2, 75 kilotons
  • BUMPING, October 6, 11.3 kilotons
  • CHAMA, October 18, 1.59 megatons
  • CALAMITY, October 27, 800 kilotons
  • HOUSATONIC, October 30, megatons

Video above: "Declassified U.S. Nuclear Test Film #65" showing experiments in nuclear testing near Hawaii on Johnston Atoll. From (http://youtu.be/fFYmcwNr_hs).
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