Doppler Radar & Kauai Reefs

SOURCE: Michael Sheehan (
SUBHEAD: Several high-energy, pulsed Doppler radar sites are reflecting off clouds and maybe damaging reef organisms.

By Terry Lilly on 11 June 2014 in Dark Matter a Lot -

Image above: Iconic view of Makana Peak looking north (known by some as Bali Hai from movie South Pacific. From original article.

[Author's note: High Power, Pulsed Doppler Reflectivity off overhead clouds and scattering to ocean surface below, polarizing water and dissolving/diseasing coral reefs (CaCO3 skeleton). North Shore of Kauai. Shaded areas get less radiation and have less diseased coral. Ocean surface acts like an antenna with lots of surface area.]

[Source's note: Difficult to evaluate the negative ramifications if radar is determined to be a major culprit here on Kauai of so many recent strange and disturbing physical problems. High Cancer rates in Kilauea Town and the West Side of Kauai, adjacent to the Pacific Missile Range Facility. Concerned people really need to know.]

I figured if the massive amount of Doppler Radar that is being used by the military on Kauai is killing the reef then I would have to set out to prove it. So I did a snorkel today from Haena down to Kee taking video of the reefs in shallow water.

What I found was stunning! The famous Makana Peak (Bali Hai) is a direct block to the radar from the tower up above Kalalau. On either side of the peak there are valleys which would not block the radar from the tower or reflecting off of the clouds.

With less radar hitting the reef I figured the shallow reef protected by Makana Peak should be in better shape than the reefs on either side. This whole area is a shallow lagoon with constant similar habitat that is flushed daily by big surf and wind. Three years ago this entire lagoon was pristine with thousands of corals.

It was just amazing to see the reef out in front of the valleys, as it was 99% dead! I only counted two live corals on a 15 meter by one meter stretch of the reef.

Directly out in front of the towering Makana peak was a beautiful coral garden with hundreds of old growth mound and lobe corals, plus rice and cauliflower corals! I counter over 20 live healthy corals in the same 15 meter stretch of reef.

If it is not the Doppler Radar and microwaves killing our reefs then what could cause one single continuous lagoon to go from totally dead to healthy then back to being totally dead, within 100 yards!

I hope to get some sophisticated monitoring equipment out on this reef to see if we can make sure of the connection, but for now it seems obvious.

It just so happens that the giant corals at Salt Pond on the south shore are also dying like flies and I just learned from Stewart that there is a huge Doppler Radar tower at Port Allen sending radar and microwaves directly at the reef at Salt Pond!

Image above: Healthy reef off Makana Peak in shadow of reflected Doppler radar. From original article.

Here are some pictures out of my video from today. You can see from the water the one area looking directly at Makana Peak, and that is where all of the beautiful large yellow corals are, along with all the other coral species. The two pictures looking on each side of the peak is where the barren brown reef is that was covered in healthy coral only three years ago! In the middle between the healthy reef and dead reef the corals are diseased and partially dead.

Image above: Dead reef off Makana Peak not in shadow of reflected Doppler radar. From original article.

I really feel we need to do a massive study on the effects of Doppler Radar on our reefs here in Kauai soon as during RIMPAC they are going to blast our whole north shore with this electromagnetic frequency along with sonar and who knows what else that will kill our reefs and marine life! I am also sure all of this electromagnet radiation is not good for human health.
Image above: GoogleEarth illustration of pulsed radar reflection reaching northshore reefs. Click to embiggen. From original article.

I would be more than happy to take anyone out snorkeling at this location so they can see the damage for them selves.

[Publisher's note: For more pictures of reef go to original article.]


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I believe it. They're doing all kinds of enviro-destructive $hit at PMRF. Operators there don't even know what all the effects of their experiments are.

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