Superferry stationed in Japan

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SUBHEAD: No it was necer a military vessel, but Navy to put former Superferry vessel into service in Japan. 

By Staff on 12 March 2014 for Pacific Business Journal -
Image above: The USNV Guam with a drab new paint job and prepared for duty in Japan soaking up nuclear radiation. Click to embiggen. From Brad Parsons.

[IB Editor's note: This Superferry (The Quam) and the USS Ronald Reagan (recently contaminated off the coast of Fukushima Daiichi) are two losers headed to be stationed in Japan. Is this revenge on the Japanese for fucking up the west coast of North America?]

The Alakai is a high-speed ferry built for the failed Hawaii Superferry.  The Navy, which acquired the Alakai and a second ferry named the Huakai about two years ago, plans to put one of the vessels into service in the Pacific to support Japan-based Marines.

The Navy is putting one of the two high-speed vessels built for the failed Hawaii Superferry into service in the Pacific to support Japan-based Marines, replacing another ferry called the WestPac Express.

Defense News reports the Navy has decided to count the former Hawaii ferry toward a battle force that has grown to 291, from 283, under a new system of counting ships.

Defense News reports the Navy initially said the two Hawaii Superferry vessels, the former Alakai and Huakai, would not be counted as part of the battle force because they were not outfitted to support a company combat team, but has since changed that decision.

The Navy acquired the two twin-hulled Hawaii Superferry vessels about two years ago from the U.S. Maritime Administration, and renamed them the USNS Puerto Rico and the USNS Guam.

More recently, the state of Hawaii last year auctioned off the barges built for the Hawaii Superferry, at a cost of $40 million, for $425,000 to a buyer from the Mainland, who is trying to resell the barges to another buyer before he moves them from Honolulu Harbor.
Image above: Governor Linda Lingle as leader of the Unified Command greets passengers on the Superferry Alakai with Homeland Security detail (only there for your safety). Click to embiggen. Graphic by Juan Wilson from (


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