WIPP radiation release timeline

SUBHEAD: 33 Minute DELAY in Hepa filter start after Waste Isolation Pilot Plant radiation alarm sounded.

By Ms. X on 2 March 2014 for Pissin' on the Roses -

Image above: Cutaway diagram of Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad in Eddy County, NM. From (http://webberenergyblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/wipp-forbes-and-doe.png).

Our calculations show that the existing data released by the authorities points to the conclusion that the DOE WIPP site spewed out Plutonium laden air for at least 33 minutes after the initial Hydrogen / Methane explosion, PRIOR TO the HEPA filters being switched on.

Image above: Screen shot of spreadsheet calculating radioactive release from WIPP nuclear waste facility. From original article. Click to embiggen.

Those who investigated Watergate "followed the money" to investigate the break-in; we here at the POTRBLOG site "FOLLOW THE MATH" to investigate WIPPgate, HEPA-GATE, Lung Cancer- Gate, what ever you want to call it.

 Likewise, we have a proven reliable WIPP inside source reminiscent of a "Linda Susan Boreman" pseudonym. That inside source was able to provide us data DAYS before WIPP made it public; such as the fact the WIPP site had a detection in the MILLIONS of Disintegrations Per Minute.

Even with an inside source at WIPP, our MATH presumption is (and has been) that authorities are truthful and honest with their information and data that they release about the WIPP's Plutonium disaster. However, we do follow the adage of "TRUST BUT VERIFY". In that regard, we compare the math which results from the data they have released, to the reassuring narrative they feed to the public.

So far the official data we have used is based on information from a "engineering" group funded by DOE which goes by the acronym CERMC.  Their data is from an air filter which was running days before and days after in what they described as the "Brief Moments" during which un-HEPA filtered Plutonium and Americium contaminated air was released from WIPP's ventilation system.  DOE has also described a "automatic" activation of the HEPA filters after the radiation alarm sounded.

Since it is our policy to take the officials (and their data) at their word, we have used a Cost As a Independent Variable (CAIV) type strategy to calculate the size and density of the Plutonium release, using a "Brief Moment" 30 second HEPA filter automatic start time as the INDEPENDENT variable from which to calculate both the radioactive density of the Plutonium cloud in Becquerels per cubic meter and the size of the cloud in cubic meters.

We have used that methodology because the radioactive density reported to the public by CEMRC assumed the released happened over a 7 period, instead of the "brief moments" they claimed.

When we "followed the math", the story didn't square with what the public was told, ie 'the release was less than EPA reportable requirements' (supposedly 37bq/m^3 for Plutonium). In fact, the math showed levels thousands of times greater than EPA reportable requirements for Plutonium.

Fast forward to Thursday 2/27/14 when our inside WIPP source responded to a report we did concerning WIPPs very significant efforts to STABILIZE the Ventilations system.

We were provided some utterly shocking information by the inside source, which has forced us to abandon using a 30 second "Brief Moments" automatic HEPA filter ventilation switch over in the aftermath of the Radiation Alarm as the INDEPENDENT VARIABLE by which to do the calculations.

Its clear to us that we have a much better chance of knowing the truth if we calculate how long it took for someone to switch the HEPA filters on, assuming that all the other information is truthful.

In that regard we are now using the reportable EPA Plutonium limit of 37 Bq/M^3 as the independent variable. That EPA limit makes for a better independent variable, because one  might assume there is some sort of legal penalty for lying about exceeding it. So, assuming all the other information provided by the authorities is truthful, we can calculate how long it took to for someone to turn the HEPA filters on by holding 37 Bq/M^3 as the number that must be met for all else to be true.

Based on that, the MATH says it took somebody at WIPP around 33 minutes to switch on the HEPA filters after the radiation alarm initially sounded. We pray he/she was UPwind of the release the entire time, else we fear he/she may meet the same end which the "human robots" did at Chernobyl.

The people downwind still have a lot to be concerned about too. Because, either by deception or incompetence, the authorities are weaving a very tangled web in which  the math of their claims undermines the veracity of their public statements. Be wise, BE PREPARED TO EVACUATE!

3/2/14 Edited to add Epilogue, the last key thing to consider is that the Plutonium release would not have been a uniformly distributed 37 Bq/m^3 during that 33 minute unfiltered release of Plutonium.

There would have been an initial massive spike in radiation density during the first minutes of the release (tied to the initial explosion). With that in mind, from a EPA reporting standpoint it would have been in WIPP's interest to delay the activation of the HEPA filters until the average radioactive density of the Plutonium cloud dropped below "reportable levels".

Video above: From original article and (http://youtu.be/UC53BHyblqg).

Insider WIPP Information Indicates PLUTONIUM CLOUD WAS MUCH LARGER Than Previously Calculated!

HIGH RISK of New Large Plutonium Release! 'Stabilization Efforts' Indicative of Explosion Damaged Ventilation System!

CEMRC Ambient Air Sampling Results Following 2-14-14 Radiation Detection Event


Stay out of the rain! 

SUBHEAD: JetStream To WIPP Plutonium Up I-44 Corridor: OKC, Stroud, Tulsa, Joplin, Springfield, Rolla, Saint Louis, Chicago.

By Ms. X on 28 February 2014 for Pissin' on the Roses -

Saint Louis local TV channel 2 is forecasting the Jet Stream to flow directly from the WIPP Plutonium disaster up through the I-44 corridor into Saint Louis (see the 1:18 video below). In the Spring that often means Tornado's, this time it means PLUTONIUM embedded in Rain, Ice, & Snow Storm hitting Saint Louis Saturday evening.

We wish could better quantify the risk of this event to Saint Louis, but the authorities have not released enough data for us to make a good assessment. The data they have released  indicates that the WIPP site was still releasing approximately 6,667 Becquerel of Pu239 + Am241 every minute, based on an estimated 20,000 cubic meter per minute mine ventilation exhaust rate.

Given that there will likely be Plutonium present, and that rain/ice/snow fall may concentrate it, we believe it wise to take prudent risk avoidance measures. For us, that means avoiding travel, staying indoors, and using HEPA filters. Precipitation allowing, we will attempt to take surface samples.

We will have our LIVE INDOOR AND OUTDOOR RADIATION MONITORS up and running. However, we think it unlikely that we will be able to identify a noticeable spike from Plutonium, even if it is present. We may have had such a detection on 2/15, but that Plutonium plume was much larger than what is expected to arrive this weekend. But in anycase, better safe than sorry.

TIME ZERO Plutonium Cloud was 330 MILLION Becquerels in Size; DOE Claims Current Releases Safe--BUT

Risk of additional plutonium release

SUBHEAD: Hepa filter 'Stabilization Efforts' Indicative of explosion damaged ventilation system!

By Ms. X on 2 March 2014 for Pissin' on the Roses -

Current Ventilation Stabilization Efforts At WIPP may result in HEPA filtration failure, explosion, and additional Plutonium releases; THIS IS A HIGH RISK TIME PERIOD; BE PREPARED.

Previously we stated: 
"We believe that it is unlikely that the DOE WIPP site has Air Filtration systems capable of surviving an explosion."
Today a WIPP official seemingly has confirmed our analysis by stating that they were trying to stabilize their mine ventilation system, they have put up scaffolding, and even built a mock up of the system so that outside experts could stabilize it. Here is our transcript of what the official said, we have included a link to the actual audio below.

 "So this is this is the scaffolding that we have set up, right by where our exhaust filter building is. So The first step we wanna make sure to do is that we stabilize our mine ventilation system, and we have the experts already on site dats been working on dis. We actually built mock ups before dey showed up ugh on site, to make sure that you know once we establish dis at the facility its going to work. Ok so once we work on this and and get this thing done. And And I am letting you know dat we're gonna do dis quite rapidly, ok with in the next few days. Then we will follow our next step which is to re enter the mine. Ok"
Albuquerque Air Force Base Orders 1,200 Particulate Radiation Suits
We See Risk of "Back Draft" Explosion @ DOE WIPP Site: We Would EVACUATE If We Lived Within 100 Miles
DOE Caught Bending The Truth Again! Falsely Claims Release Material Was Predominately Americium.

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