USDA prepares for H7N9 Bird Flue

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SUBHEAD: Kiss your freerange poultry goodbye! USDA ordering 12 Mobile Modified Atmosphere Killing Trailers.

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Image above: Portable gas chambers in the form of Mobile Modified Atmosphere Killing (MAK) Trailers that have been specified by the USDA. From original article.

Because of the expected H7N9 Bird Flu pandemic, the USDA is ordering twelve trucks designed to kill small farm poultry; especially those small farms flocks located near large commercial turkey and chicken farms. See (Solicitation Number: AG-6395-S-13-0131)

According to the information provided with the solicitation for these 12 mobile poultry killing trailers:
"The most critical small flocks to depopulate in an outbreak of virulent, potentially zoonotic poultry disease would be those located near large commercial poultry facilities."

"There is need to have on hand the means to depopulate small flocks of poultry in the event of an outbreak of highly pathogenic, possibly zoonotic avian disease. 
These flocks might range from a few birds owned by private individuals for recreational reasons to a few hundred birds kept as a small commercial venture. In many cases, the owner will have an emotional attachment to the birds that goes beyond economic considerations.

The birds may run loose or be confined in pens or cages. In some areas, these flocks may be fairly numerous. They are scattered geographically"

Image above: Flock of chickens executed by MAK and then dumped in road. From original article.

Of course when the government goes in and tries to take over an industry by engaging in wholesale small farm poultry slaughter they have to provide some sort of payout to the farmers.

In that regard, the USDA's Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health (CEAH) has released a procurement to seek "specific production and financial parameters associated with commercial poultry production: broilers, turkeys, table egg layers, broiler breeders, and turkey breeders."

It appears as if they are trying to understand the entire industry and supply chain, almost as-if they were going to try and nationalize it in response to a H7N9 Bird Flu Pandemic. See (Solicitation Number: AG-6395-S-13-0099).

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Anonymous said...

This is despicable! You bet people are attached to their small flocks of chickens and turkeys which can be quite tame and fun to work around. I know a guy in Lihue who keeps a few chickens successfully penned in his back yard where they lay their eggs in plastic boxes. They are so tame and friendly. How dare the government use phony excuses to kill poultry. Again, Orwell's 1984 raises its prophetic head. What's next? Myna Birds? My parrots? That's when I become armed and dangerous.

Bird lover

Anonymous said...

I would love to use my name for any comment I make, but you know Juan, Big Brother may be watching. I don't feel like getting on some jerk's list to become a fema camp candidate.

Sincerely, Paranoid and for good reason.

Juan Wilson said...

Aloha Anonymous,

I've always assumed Big Brother was watching. My attitude is that I want the bastard to know everything I'm thinking - and take it to heart.

Juan Wilson
IB Publisher

P.S. They probably already have your cot at the FEMA camp ready.

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