Oliver Stone Jeju Island interview

SOURCE: Koohan Paik (koohanpaik@gmail.com)
SUBHEAD: Director Oliver Stone gives interview on KPFA concerning US Navy and the Island of Peace, Jeju, South Korea.

By Fred Dente on 24 August 2013 in Island Breath -

Image above: Oliver Stone holds Peace flag in deomonstration against navel base on Jeju Island. Photo courtesy of Ms Paik.

Filmaker activist, and former Kauai resident, Koohan Paik accompanied director Oliver Stone along on a visit to Jeju Island in Korea in support of the residents there whose lives are threatened by the construction of a US carrier navel base on the island.

On his return Stone gave a long interview with San Francisco radio station KPFA on the subject of Obama's "pivot" of strategy from the Mideast to the Pacific and what it means to"The Island of Peace",  Jeju Island, below South Korea as a navel base is built their to support US interest in the region.

Fred Dente, a supporter of Kauai KKCR radio operations commented:
"It's amazing to me that, even with all the conflict and growing pains of Pacifica Radios's history, KPFA continues to produce some of the best news and commentary in the world. This is truly great non-commercial community media programming. KPFA inspired us to start KKCR on Kaua`i in the early 90's, and we generally went along in your footsteps--some great programming, and a sometimes contentious consensus. throw in a polynesian/hippie management style and, yes, we are still on the air."-  Peace and Love to the KPFA Ohana. A Vet for Peace, Fred
The following mp3 podcast is from a followup interview with Oliver Stone on KPFA radio.  
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