Dela Cruz and PLDC Repeal

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SUBHEAD: "I think at this point, until they can prove that this idea can be properly implemented, then maybe that has to be put on the table."

By Staff on 21 November 2012 for the Kau Calendar -

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The Public Land Development Corporations's major supporter in the state Senate said yesterday that he would consider repealing the law.

Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that the implementation of the law, the way it is written, could be inconsistent. According to the report by Star-Advertiser reporter Derrick DePledge, “Dela Cruz said that the PLDC, the development arm of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources, has not done anything definitive in the year since it was created to establish itself as an entity poised to develop significant projects. He said that he and other lawmakers had to help craft a strategic plan and a public information strategy for the PLDC.”

Ka`u’s incoming state Senators Josh Green and Russell Ruderman both told The Ka`u Calendar that they would seriously consider repealing the law. Ka`u member to the state House of Representatives Denny Coffman says he opposes the PLDC law and has apologized for supporting in last year. New state Rep. Richard Onishi said he has not yet made up his mind. 

According to the Star-Advertiser story, Dela Cruz “has also urged the PLDC’s five-member board to develop criteria to annually evaluate the performance of Lloyd Haraguchi, its executive director.” The story quotes Dela Cruz saying: “We’re not talking about projects; we’re talking about organization. So the fact that the Public Land Development Corp. has not been able to organize, has not been able to develop an operational strategy, is disturbing.”

 “Asked whether he would call for a repeal, the senator said, ‘I think at this point, until they can prove that this idea can be properly implemented, then maybe that has to be put on the table,’” reports DePledge.

The Star-Advertiser also reports that Department of Land & Natural Resources director William Aila “said the Abercrombie administration and the PLDC would like the opportunity to work with all parties to try to resolve concerns. ‘I don’t think that a repeal is necessary at this point.’”

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Dela Cruz the one who introduced the PLDC bill in the first place?

Anonymous said...

The country bumpkins at PLDC are totally inept at proving they can handle any negotiations with slick corporate entities because they are just that: simpletons and country bumpkins who at best will get a pie in the face for their questionable efforts. PLDC has no idea what to it is in for if it pushes ahead in the absurdity of PLDC. I promise!

Anonymous said...

Statements regarding the doubtful premises of PLDC by Mr. Dela Cruz is a significant sign that the administration, in its efforts to save face on the obvious deficits of PLDC, has marked the beginning of the end for PLDC. Without overwhelming public opposition to PLDC, there would have been no effort to shelf this odious program, all this meaning that when the people lead, the leaders will follow.

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