Before the Dive

SUBHEAD: Ke`e Beach, is a place I like to take folks. There are many coral tubes to dive through. By Richard Jarke on 5 September 2011 for Island Breath - ( Image above: Ke`e Beach on Kauai, Hawaii. Photo by Richard Jarke. In a few weeks I'll be coming back to Kauai for a visit. I lived there for a while and did some scuba diving instruction before coming back to Oklahoma. That's where I come from. I have seen a lot of tropical Pacific Ocean coastline, including Vietnam's. In the 60's I joined the Navy to become a Frogman - did some underwater demolition and intelligence back then. As an ex-Seal it is funny living so far from a tropical shoreline, here in this part of Oklahoma I call the Green Ocean. We've had our share of extreme weather in Oklahoma. This summer, since the tornadoes that hit here and devastated Joplin, Missouri, we've had over forty days of 100+ degree heat. Many days have been county record breakers - we even topped a few national records. Finally, as we're about to head out to Kauai the weather has lightened up. It's beautiful today in the 70ºs. This trip to Kauai I'll stay with friends and look for a little work as a diving guide. Image above: Scuba diving through tunnels and caves with group off Kauai. Photo by Richard Jarke. Ke`e Beach, is a place I like to take folks. From that beach its four hundred yards to the outer reef. There are any coral tubes to dive through. I'll keep my fingers crossed that anxiety and close quarters do not unnerve any of the divers being guided. A thought had come up on one dive here - "What would I do if I lost my mask?" After that I started carrying an extra mask. Anyway, it is a very rugged place to dive and see how the reef is doing. I like arriving at the beach before dawn and getting pleasant nap before the divers show. It's a really special time alone. landing on Kauai is always a delightful surprise. Such beauty to come upon, in the middle of the Pacific. There is spiritual healing I get from the island. I come away with a different view on life - a strengthening of relationships. Afterwards I am good to go for the Oklahoma winter season that approaches. See also: Island Breath: Epic Day at Niihau 3/15/05 .

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