Facebook CIA Connection

SUBHEAD: The CIA's invention of Facebook has saved the government millions of dollars.  

By Staff on 26 September 2011 for the Onion News Network -  

Image above: Brooke Alvarez at the FactZone newsdesk. From (http://www.ifc.com/blogs/ifc-now/2011/09/from-the-onion-news-network-a-2.php).
As the host of FactZone, Brooke Alvarez is one of the world's most recognizable news figures. Growing up in Russia, Brooke dreamed of being famous and powerful. She emigrated to U.S., erased all trace of her Russian accent within three weeks, and began her systematic ascent to the top of the news industry. The details of this rapid climb through the various lesser networks to end up at the Onion News Network was the subject of "The Devil Incarnate" a book refuted by Brooke as "the pathetic scrawlings of a bitter and jealous acne-scarred half-reporter."

A prolific Twitter user, Brooke tweets 20 to 40 times a day, often while her guests are talking. She's appeared as herself in more than a dozen motion pictures although there is some debate whether she understood that the words on her teleprompter were fictional and where they would eventually appear. Brooke owns five corgi dogs, her favorite food is kale, and she is married to author Thomas Pynchon.

Brooke is active in charity work, having formed a foundation to teach newscaster dialect to young urban teens. She's politically motivated as well, publicly campaigning against wind farms whenever her schedule allows.

While the media has made much of her long-standing feuds with both Wolf Blitzer and Yo Yo Ma, Brooke insists she is easy to get along with as long as everyone understands their place.

Brooke stays healthy and happy by swimming 20 miles each day in the resistance pool in her office.

Video above: Social networking sites used by Sate Department and CIA. From (http://youtu.be/cqggW08BWO0).



Ray Songtree said...

Amazing. But the CIA can't stop the revolution.
Communication promotes transparency and they can't keep a lid on it. The emperor has no clothes and everyone is gawking :)


Ray again said...

This video is so sarcastic that it is difficult to know who is real and who is creating a spoof... Perhaps whole thing is spoof?

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