911 Aftermath - Our Self Defeat

SUBHEAD: Forget about 911. Welcome to the real world. More serious events await us down the road.  

By Juan Wilson on 11 September 2011 for Island Breath - 
Image above: Second plane hits WTC tower 2 on 911. Photo by Lyle Owerko. From (http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1000761,00.html).

 I bring myself to this task with no pleasure. All the emotional regret, anger, and frustration that will be stirred up with the 10th anniversary of the plane attacks on New York and Washington is still too close to the event: The waters are still roiling with currents, dimmed by churning sediment, and dangerous with sharp debris. What has become clear to me is that the American Century was the 20th Century and not the 21st.

 Our national agencies, operated by selected representatives, have become ineffectual, or worse - corrupt. Institutions like the multifaceted national press, meant to protect the truth in our system, are owned by a few a entertainment media conglomerates. Franchised corporate spaces dominate what was once the public square, main street, and the town park. We don't even know we've been bought and sold like Tyson chickens or Cargill pigs. We been commoditized as we have been fed corn fructose sweetened GMO Soylent Green.

You get the picture. It's been happening since before 2001. I would pinpoint Reagan's election in 1980 as the foundation of the nightmare we are caught in. Total denial. Don't listen to to the Club of Rome Report, - It's morning in America!" It was wrong then, leading us off a cliff. We kept our eyes closed until we hit the bottom with 911.

The events on September 11th, 2001 accelerated disturbing political, economic and military developments. They whipped up fear that we would lose our security in dominating the world's industrial resources. The elitist neocons saw the "Shock Doctrine" opportunity and seized the day. The Soviets tried playing the same game for a decade between 1979 and 1989. We armed and trained Usama Bin Laden in the use of shoulder fired rockets to defeat them. Why couldn't we see it coming when we tried the same game.

What we really wanted was some security on oil supplies and prices. We have embraced the destruction of anyplace that our precious petrochemicals might be hiding - Alberta oil shale pits; Pennsylvania fracked water tables, Louisiana deep sea oil fields; Alaska arctic wilderness and West Virginia mountain tops - anywhere the ENERGY might be. Without unlimited cheap energy there could be no Amerika.

Bush told us that to save America we would need no adaptation, behavioral change or adjustment …. just keep shopping…. except that we had to give up our privacy and civil rights; and accept torture and assassination as normal. War, fear, intimidation and impoverishment are the tools of the elite. They have even co-opted the Tea Party to be shills for the dismantling of their own well being. Ten years of the neocon's friendly advice have in effect brought America to it knees.

We are entering the Third World as fast as we can without the protection that advanced planning might have afforded us. We pissed away over 30 years denying the existence of a three headed monster: overpopulation, environmental destruction and resource depletion. Now we pay. Forget about 911. Welcome to the real world. More serious events await us down the road. Take stock, count noses and hump your gear. The American Dream is too feeble to make the journey.

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Anonymous said...

Mourning in America - the Consequences of "Reagan Forever" Leaves it's 'Stamp'

cons, con-artists and neocons...
anyways, good riddance!
nice piece.

ps. Pennsylvania FRACKED water tables,

Juan Wilson said...

Aloha Anonymous,

Mahalo for the compliment and the spelling correction. Pennsylvania will be freaked when it's fracked.

Juan Wilson

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