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By Ray Songtree on 16 September 2011 for Kauai Truth -  

Image above: A SmartMeter used by the National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association that KIUC is a member of. From (http://www.ect.coop/power-supply/smart-grid/smart-meter-count-hits-two-million/18596).

Corruption increases with scale. The bigger the bureaucracy, the more distant the decision making is from the aina (Earth Mother). The only way to stop corruption in global, federal, state, and even county government is to take control of our own community through education and communication among ourselves. In other words, make big government irrelevant.

For example, if the county will not discuss Peak Oil and Peak Everything, and the coming collapse of tourism, we will.

If the Hawaii Dept of Health won't discuss the fake 2009 H1N1 "pandemic" and the unnecessary and dangerous vaccines they are pushing, we will. (See Womens Page, Catholic Nun Snr. Teresa) Also Sept 20 article on mandatory vaccines for many employees and what independent experts say.

The answer for a better world is not global centralized control which makes everyone a slave of computer models. The positive future is a return to local stewardship which has been called "localism". This is why we must now fight Smart Grid and other global programs.

We cannot trust corporate controlled newspapers or radio or television to educate our families and friends. We see this with the Garden Island News coverage of the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 featuring the official lies of Associated Press writers. The Garden Island Newspaper fails to factor in that the two Co-Chairman of the 9/11 Commission wrote a book in 2006 claiming the 9/11 Commission was consistently lied to, and therefore the report is flawed and the official story is wrong. Why are we honoring a false story on the anniversery of that horrible day? Why is Garden Island Newspaper committed to repeating lies and dumbing us all down instead of being an investigative newspaper that makes people think and question?

Controllers want disparity and ignorance. It is like a bully father who cuffs his kid every single time the child wants to say something until the child is conditioned to not think. This is called mind control. People who get off on being "powerful" and in control do not want us to be educated, strong and to challenge their dominance. They want sheeple that are easily herded. They want us to be dependent and stupid. Controllers thrive on secrecy and disinformation. They really do hide in the dark and they hate discussions like this here.

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people." — John Adams Founding Father

“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”- James Madison Founding Father

We cannot have a democracy unless we are informed. In a democracy we would be given true information, not constant lies such as “Smart Meters pose no health risk” or "vaccines are safe" or "the economy is recovering".

It does appear that Kauai Island Utility "Cooperative" (KIUC), like big government and big business, is trying to dumb us down and not give us all the data so we could make informed choices. It is reprehensible that KIUC would have a 'vote' that is worded in such a way to keep members ignorant of the real protests which had to do with international control of Kauai resources.

Rather than giving us slick answers, citizens should be given a wide range of questions so that critical thinking and community wisdom can be engaged.

How wonderful it would be if KIUC sent out a pamphlet that said "Here are all the questions that the Board at KIUC has about the worth of Smart Grid. What questions do our members have? Lets pool our critical analysis as a true co-op and see if this global program has any value."

KIUC has had meetings but because they hid the controversies, people were not alerted. And their meetings were not for discussion, but designed to sell a program they have already bought into. Now private citizens like you and I have to spend our time and money acting as consumer advocates in a protective mode against KIUC, an adversary to our health and freedom. Their literature deliberately downplays any questions.

This is not respectful. When will government and corporate employees realize that treating everyone as a commodity to be packaged and sold to the highest bidder is like cannibalism? When will we see that efficiency is never more important than integrity?

In facing the present assault by government on our rights and the assault by corporations on our health, we each have the choice to live on our knees, or become responsible adults.

Truth will set us free, but freedom means responsibility.

The first (recent) Kauai "People Power" success was stopping Super Ferry four years ago. Yet, the majority of people didn't protest because they never heard about the issues, and probably to this day don't know why the ferry was unethical. If the Garden Island News had alerted Kauai to a PATTERN of government corruption, crooked deals would be protested, not by hundreds of awake citizens, but by thousands. But Garden Island News keeps us dumb by information screening. This is a second type of mind control.

The next uprising of people power was facing down the bankers wanting to control Kauai 's water. This is an ongoing issue for many people, but KIUC seems to think they have a mandate from the majority of members who "voted" but were never informed about the real issues.

This old habit of trying to control everyone by keeping us uninformed is coming from the very top, and this top is even higher than the visible Federal Government. There are agencies that survive from one administration to another which form a 'shadow' government and some of these agencies have no congressional oversight. There are even parts of military which the top Administration at Pentagon have no security clearance to investigate. What can a President do if the military, for example, has a 20 year grand strategy? Well, we have a President now who has broken every promise and has not challenged any program from the past, so we will have to wait to see if someone with integrity is elected who will expose the shadow agencies.

Thus, from the top, from the shadow government in USA to the UN to the FED to the States to KIUC on little Kauai, the policy is "Don't ask questions. Don't raise questions. Keep everyone blind."

Where ever we see corruption, we must raise questions, and when our questions are ignored, this is absolute proof we have indeed spotted corruption. "If its covered up, it's true."

We are now on to our third community action which will be stopping Smart Meters through the public awareness that:
1) smart meters absolutely are a health risk.
2) smart meters absolutely collect permanent data on individuals which is wiretapping. (see form letter below)
3) KIUC has not acted independently of Dept of Energy or Global Technocrats, but has acted like a hired hand, and we must ask, what were they paid?
4) KIUC has not explained how spending 11 million dollars (half member fees, half from our taxes) benefits anyone on Kauai. It benefits global technocrats at our expense. Humbug.
Will KIUC keep spreading propaganda? Our purpose is not just to stop Smart Meters, but to start creating a habit of critical thinking and ethics, rather than everyone passing along lies from one agency to another and pushing it on public as "the facts".

If policies come from the Great White Father in Washington DC (what Native Americans called the chief of the invading armies 150 years ago), it isn't great, it is probably rotten.

That is what we are learning everyday with one scandal after another. (Please see "Inside Job" video on the Obama Page). Therefore, our CEO of KIUC should not be proud he went to Washington DC recently, which is literally 'sin city', with far more prostitution than Las Vegas. [also here and here]

Will we see KIUC downplay the legitimate concerns brought up around the world about Smart Meters? Will we see another "vote" on smart meters like we saw on Hydro, based on inadequate wording? "Do you support efficient smart meters?" might be the wording of a fake straw vote, as if most members have studied websites like this that educate about the very dangerous privacy and health issues.

Or will a new tone of integrity breath life into KIUC with the realization that our world is dying because of corruption and the buck must stop here.

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