Fuck RIMPAC 2018!

SUBHEAD: These exercises are a colossal waste of resources and energy that only demonstrate America's suicidal death spiral. 

By Juan Wilson on 29 June 2018 for Island Breath -

Image above: Naval participants on RIMPAC 2018 on parade for a photo op. From (https://news.usni.org/2018/06/26/rim-of-the-pacific-2018-participation).

For those that don't know RIMPAC is the U.S. Navy term for the "Rim of the Pacific. Evert two years the Navy puts together a nautical dog and pony show that they call RIMPAC "xxxx", where the "xxxx" is the even numbered year in which it takes place.

"Friendly" navy allies from nations proximate to the Pacific Ocean are invited to join the festivities on land, sea and in the air experimenting with new weapons systems, setting off explosives and coordinating he destruction of the planet Earth.

The US Navy likes to show its magnanimity by inviting "potential enemy" nations like China and Russia to join in as observers presumably to scare the crap out of them with the broad show of force. This also gives the nation the option of punishing an "enemy" observer nations with a dis-invitation if they do something we don't like.

This year China was dis-invited (https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/05/23/china-was-just-uninvited-from-rimpac-heres-why/) because it had the gall to continue to build up its presence in the South China Sea. Heaven forfend!

Well here we are again. This year is "RIMPAC 2018"... and it is going on now. Why "Fuck RIMPAC 2018!"? Because it is a costly public relations stunt that pollutes the ocean and kills uncounted numbers of sea creatures. Something we don't need any more of.

Through World War II to date the United States has dominated the Pacific Ocean through diabolic destruction with nuclear weapons and unfettered domination of island peoples. It is a disgusting display.

These RIMPAC war game are headquartered in Hawaii, with Pearl Harbor (on Oahu) and the Pacific Missile Range Facility (on Kauai) playing a major role.

If you don't think these "games" come at a cost to us living on Kauai you are dead wrong. Just go back to our post whale on pod stranding of a whale in Hanalei Bay in 2004 due to RIMPAC activities at the bottom of the list or articles below for a taste of the US Navy's games.

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