Kahihi Horizintal Well a bad idea

SUBHEAD: Kauai is alive and someone wants to drill a huge hole into her heart and drain out her life's blood.

By Bill Walker on 13 September 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: Kahihi Mountain bleeding out Kauai Aquifer. Mashup by Juan Wilson on intended to represent the actual proposal - just its effect. Click to enlarge.

[IB Publisher's note: there is a regular meeting of the Boared of the DOW on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 at 10:00am. Agenda includes results of 9/17/13 meeting.]

Regular Board Meeting of the Department of Water on Kahili Horizontal Well

Thursday, September 19th, 2013 at 10:00am

Second Floor, Microbiology Lab Building of DOW
4398 Loke Street
Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, 96716

It has been through human greed that the great Ogallala aquifer that sits below the Midwest states is being drained to irrigate what was once a vast grassland supporting vast herds of bison. They in turn supported a culture that lived in harmony with nature.

Wells were sunk with no thought of the future. The water they were tapping was runoff from the melting glaciers of the last Ice Age.

Initially farmers settling in the High Plains relied on windmills to help them lift groundwater from beneath the surface. But in the 1940s and 1950s, with the introduction of powerful pumps, large sprinkler systems and abundant supplies of natural gas and electricity, irrigation in the High Plains took off. Since 1949, the area under irrigation has risen more than five-fold. Groundwater withdrawals rose in tandem, resulting in a large-scale and ongoing depletion of this critical water reserve.

In less than a hundred years farmers have withdrawn what took nature tens of thousands of years to store.

The planet's weather patterns are changing. Any fool can see that. And there's no one smart enough to accurately predict what the future holds for our island. The fresh water held by Kauai is the islands future. Are we to let some idiots squander our children's heritage for some short term self serving goals?

Bring down the price of electricity? What a laugh. Solar panel construction is now being discouraged because the co-op needs to run its power plant to make money to pay back loans. So they have to keep the price of electricity high. It's never going to come down as long as they keep borrowing money.

There may come a time when that water is needed for people to drink. And these fools want to punch a hole and drain it? Once they punch that hole their need will become ever greater and it's just going to get bigger and keep on going...until the water is gone.

Our rain fall depends on the moisture in the air. How much atmospheric moisture there will be in the future trade wind patterns is unknown.

I say let's treat that water like it's money in the bank. There are some short sighted people giving little or no thought to the future who won't be satisfied until they've sucked this island dry.

Let's get rid of these idiots before they do any more damage.

We have a tourist industry because this island is beautiful. We have waterfalls and rivers. Who's going to come here if the island has been sucked dry.

Kauai is alive and someone wants to drill a huge hole into her heart and drain out her life's blood.

These people belong in a home for the retarded.

• Bill Walker is a resident of Kauai who lives in Eleele.

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scientist Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck (1744-1829) wrote nearly two centuries ago in his "Système analytique des connaissances positives de l’homme" (1820):

"Man, owing to an egoism that is too shortsighted about his own interests, his penchant to take pleasure in all that stands at his disposal, in short, owing to his carelessness about the future and his fellow men, seems to labor at annihilating his means of preservation and even at destroying his own species. By everywhere destroying the great plants that protected the soil, for the procurement of objects that satisfy his craving of the moment, he rapidly brings about the sterility of the soil he inhabits, gives rise to the depletion of springs, keeps away the animals who drew their substance from those springs, and causes large parts of the globe, once quite fertile and populated in every respect, to be barren, sterile, uninhabitable, and deserted. Always disregarding the advice of experience, in order to give himself over to his passions, he is perpetually at war with his fellow men, and destroys them from all sides and under all manner of pretext; with the result that one sees populations that were once thriving, become increasingly impoverished. It would seem that man is destined to exterminate himself after having rendered the globe uninhabitable."

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