Abercrombie a GMO tool

SOURCE: Unmani Cynthia Groves (unmanib@maui.net) for Kauai Rising
SUBHEAD: Do not believe a word Neil Abercrombie says. He's the one that tried to sneak in the PLDC.

[Note by Source: I suggest we flood Gov. Abercrombie's box with emails. This is not just about community "concerns." This is about hazard and harms to persons and our lands. http://governor.hawaii.gov/forms/contact/ and call his office at (808) 586-0034] Also send your added testimony on this to the Kauai County Council: Email sent to Council Services Staff as testimony: Subject Bill 2491 at CouncilTestimony@kauai.gov

By Staff of Gov. Neil Abercrombie on 23 September 2013 for Hawaii.gov -

Image above: Anti-PLDC advocate Choon James, at state Capitol, Feb. 9, 2012 with cartoon of Neil Abercrombie running the PLDC bulldozer over members of the public protesting his effort while he says "Trust Me". Photo by Chad Blair for Civil Beat. From (http://www.civilbeat.com/articles/2013/02/09/18295-pldc-fix-it-kill-it-or-try-something-new/).

Governor Works with Kauai Legislators to Address Community Concerns on Pesticides

Gov. Neil Abercrombie, together with members of the Kauai Legislative Delegation, today announced that the state would be putting forth standards and guidelines for seed/diversified agriculture companies to voluntarily comply with certain health and safety requests of the community. The guidelines will include disclosure of aggregated usage of restricted use pesticides and implementation of a setback from schools and hospitals.

“Kauai legislators and members of my administration have been discussing current issues regarding agriculture on the island of Kauai, including residents being informed about activities in their immediate area,” Gov. Abercrombie said. “We collaborated with the Kauai Delegation and farmers about taking steps to address the concerns of the community, including providing disclosure of use of pesticides and creating buffer zones around schools and hospitals. Farmers will comply on a voluntary basis with temporary standards until such time as department heads and stakeholders can develop necessary rules or legislation for next session.”

Kauai Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho, Jr. and Kauai County Council Chair Jay Furfaro have been notified of these intentions.

Earlier this year, the Legislature passed House Bill 673, which the Governor in June signed into law as Act 105, requiring the state Department of Agriculture to post certain information regarding restricted use pesticides on its website. The act also requires the Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau to conduct a study on other states’ reporting requirements for non-restricted use pesticides.

“We believe that this law, in addition to existing usage requirements posted on pesticide labels, will help to address the concerns raised as they pertain to pesticide use and transparency,” Gov. Abercrombie added. “In January, we can look into codifying law regarding disclosure and setback requirements in the context of protection of public health and safety.”

The Governor also stated that he would work with the Legislature to restore positions within and seek additional funding for the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health’s Environmental Health Administration, particularly for the neighbor islands, to address pesticide compliance and conduct inspections regarding pesticide contamination, and ensure that inspections are conducted in a timely manner.

[IB Publisher's note: This move by the Governor Abercrombie is a totally cynical political move to dilute our resolve on Kauai and run Bill 2491 off the tracks. It designed to delay the inevitable rejection of the GMO war criminal chemical companies poisoning our island. Do not believe a word Abercrombie says. He was the one who tried to sneak into existence the Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC) that would have allowed privitization of any and all public land in Hawaii. As to the Kauai legislative delegations - Senator Ronald D. Kouchi, along with Representatives James Tokioka and Derek S.K. Kawakami, are not much more than political thugs and gangsters.]


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