No Hawaiian Offshore Nukes!

SUBHEAD: We do not want offshore oil rig platforms with nuclear reactors on them in Hawaiian waters during a hurricane.  

By Ed Wagner on 5 August 2012 in Island Breath -

Image above: Hurricane at Oseberg A, on 1/19/07 with sustained 65 mph wind speed and gusts over 115 mph. From (
As a followup to my message about AKP / HELCO new attempt to steal money from ratepayers, I wonder how Hawaii residents feel about having Small Modular Nuclear Reactors produce the power Hawaii needs.
Retired Senator Fred Hemmings made such a proposal at the 2010 Hawaii Clean Energy Summit. A former Navy Commander / Captain suggested to me just last week that submarine style nuclear reactors could be installed in a dome on an oil rig, much like the radar dome stationed at Pearl Harbor, and be situated off shore to provide power directly to each island without the need for expensive undersea cables between islands.

Image above: The oil rig Ensco 64 was thrashed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. You can see the results in the above photo. Half the derrick's gone, and the rest has been knocked over into the crew quarters. From (
I've attached Hemmings case for the use of offshore small nuclear reactors in a PDF file for your review (

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