Stop Monsanto poisoning of Hawaii

SOURCE: David Ward ( SUBHEAD: Kamehameha Schools helps the GMO industry use Hawaiian land for poisoning its people.  

By Staff on 10 June 2012 for Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition

Image above: Kauai has over 12,000 acres of GMO's... and that's just one island. From video below..

For over 20 years, Hawaii has been the global center for the open-field testing of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's), including pharmaceutical crops. Over 5,000 experimental tests have been conducted by Monsanto, Dow, Dupont/Pioneer, Syngenta and BASF that spray chemicals on an almost daily basis on our most valuable lands.

They are supported by tax-breaks, and beneficial relationships with landowners, regulators and politicians. We estimate GMO companies own or lease 40,000 -- 60,000 acres that are sprayed with over 70 different chemicals.

A new vision for Hawai'i would promote small farms that grow chemical-free produce, employ our youth and restore the indigenous ahupua'a system. Hawai'i has less than 3,000 acres of certified organic farmland, which is 0.27% of Hawaiian farmland. Kamehameha Schools is Hawaii's largest private landowner.

Despite Kamehameha's public statements about sustainability and conservation, they lease substantial amounts of land to multi-national biotech firms, including Monsanto, Dow, Dupont/Pioneer and Syngenta for GMO open field tests and seed corn production. Kamehameha is the only institution with the land, capital and resources to reduce our food imports, that are now over 90%, and ensure that Hawai'i does not run out of food in case of natural disasters or rising oil prices.

Video above: A 43 minute film on genetic engineering of food plants in Hawaii with the use of pesticides. From (


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