Navy EIS of Destruction

SUBHEAD: Navy Environmental Impact Studies presentation and those on Kauai who spoke truth to power afterward.  

By Michael Shooltz on 22 June 2012 in Island Breath -  

Image above: Mark Osborne supervises Sonar Technicians as they monitor contacts on a Surface Anti Submarine Combat System at sea. From (

 Over this past week I have had two distinctly different, and separate, opportunities to be present and listen. Each was an opportunity to choose to quiet my mind and listen from my heart, to receive the voices around me, and to receive the voice from within me. On Tuesday evening here on Kauai I attended a gathering sponsored by the U.S. Navy to interact with the public about their Environmental Impact Study addressing the next seven years of "testing" and "training" they plan to conduct in an around the waters surrounding our tiny island here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Representing the Navy was Captain Nick Mongillo, the Commanding Officer of the Pacific Missile Range Facility, the largest missile test facility in the world, and about a dozen different Military Contractors representing different aspects of the kinds of tests that are conducted through the PMRF and the effects of those activities upon the environment and those who live in that environment. There was much focus in the materials offered by these contractors on the effects of the proposed testing and training activities on the whales, dolphins, and other sea life. I mingled through the many displays chatting with the various contractors about their work. 

One of them represented a firm that had created an intricate and detailed computer program that modeled and predicted the impact of sounds and underwater explosions on the whales, dolphins and other sea life as the Navy conducted it's tests. It considered such factors as the average amounts of time that members of a pod of striped dolphins spend at different depths in the ocean at various times. 

And then predicted the probabilities of those dolphins being at a specific depth at any point in time. The program also illustrated how far the concussions from explosions, and the sounds from the sonar testing, would travel through the water and the different impacts on the cetaceans at different distances from the sounds and explosions. It described the size of the death zone, and a little further from the explosion where death would not occur, but only "permanent" injury would result, and a little further out where "only temporary" injury would result from these tests. 

And then combining the probabilities of where the dolphins (or whales) would be within these "impact" zones, attempted to predict how many deaths, permanent injuries, and temporary injuries will occur. There was no doubt that deaths and injuries will be inflicted upon these fellow life forms. Each contractor had beautiful pictures of whales, and dolphins, sea turtles and seals in their displays and addressed the challenges and needs of each in their presentations. As I visited the displays of each contractor and listened to the various representatives describe their work in supporting the Navy's activities I felt appreciative of each of them. They were all intelligent, well-spoken, polite, respectful, nice men and women. I liked them. I felt the sincerity of their expressions. 

And yet, I couldn't help but notice in each one of them a certain level of numbness. I could feel in each one the place where, over the years, they had managed to somehow shut down a part of themselves in order to avoid listening to that "still small voice" within their hearts. I recognized in them aspects of myself from years gone by. In order to become "successful" in the world,they had retreated fully into their minds where, separate from their hearts, it has become "okay" to consider questions like "what levels of harm is "acceptable" to inflict on the beautiful creatures of our seas?" 

It has become "okay" to study the details of which injuries would be permanent and which injuries would "only" be temporary. In their minds it has become "okay" to question what level of death it is "acceptable" to perpetrate upon our fellow creatures here on Mother Earth. It is the same kind of twisted military/government thinking that can allow the death of murdered innocent women and children to be categorized as legitimate "collateral damage". 

 After an hour or so of the citizens mingling with the Navy Contractors the time arrived for the public to share their comments with Captain Nick. I watched with interest as 27 individuals were each strictly allocated three minutes to share their heartfelt comments about the impacts of the Navy's proposed activities. 

As I observed the valiant efforts of those 27 people, who took the time to "show up" and speak their hearts in an effort to turn around the ship of the Military Industrial Complex, I couldn't help but notice that, standing around the back of the room the Naval Contractors represented that massive Military Industrial Complex and the trillions of dollars of Military Spending being expended in today's world. In this world where "money talks" I noted that the combined net worth of the 27 people was peanuts compared to only one of the Military contracts represented by the Naval Contractors lining the back of the room. Further "rules" of the public input portion of the gathering were that the public would be "allowed" to speak their comments to Captain Nick, but that Captain Nick would not be answering questions or replying to their comments, but was willing to listen. 

At some point during these sharings I had a picture come to mind of a circle of Native Americans, sitting in circle for days, to make serious decisions that would effect their children's children's children and all living things. I wondered what they would think about the "three minute rule" and the "chief" who wouldn't speak?? After the gathering I had an opportunity to chat one-on-one with Captain Nick. Again, I liked him, a good man. 

But I was troubled by the same closed heart that I had experienced from the Contractors. Captain Nick spoke of "preparedness" and "defense". When I commented about some of the wars being conducted by the U.S. Military in the world today and the aggressive nature being displayed by the U.S., Captain Nick responded by saying,
"Those decisions are made further up the Chain of Command from me."
In his response I noted another aspect of the closing off of one's heart, i.e. the giving away of one's own personal power and responsibility for determining the kind of world we all live in. So where is the hope for the 27 people who show up to speak from their hearts for three minutes, to the Commander who doesn't speak, and who has given away his personal power to the "Chain of Command", while the trillion dollar Military Industrial Complex marches on and could care less about "acceptable" levels of death for our whales and dolphins???

Of course of what importance is the death of these whales, dolphins and turtles in a world where the President of the United States has secret assassination hit lists that even include US citizens; where US Military drones, flown remotely from Colorado and Connecticut, kill innocent women and children daily around the world in never ending wars; where new laws make it acceptable for the US Military to be used against it's own citizens; where, here in the United States anyone can be locked up indefinitely without charges at anytime; and where the US Constitution seems to have become a meaningless museum piece?? When the death of human beings has become so cheap, it becomes quite easy to write off the death of "a few" whales and dolphins that most never see. 

My second opportunity to be present and listen this week occurred yesterday on a sunny, small, secluded, deserted beach here on Kauai. I swam along the reef exploring the beauty of the tropical fish. I walked the beach and stumbled upon a Monk seal sleeping lazily, magically camouflaged amongst the rocks. I delighted in the terns scampering back and forth ahead of the incoming surf and, with one mind, taking flight and circling the bay with their chatter. And I sat in the shade of a palm tree, and I listened. I pondered, "Where is the the sound of hope?" 

There is talk these days about the re-emergence of the feminine energies, a rebalancing of the dance between the masculine and the feminine. Recently I had a vision come into my mind of a large bell, like the Liberty Bell displayed in Philadelphia. 

And it struck me that the curvature of the bell itself represented the feminine. And that the straight clangor inside the bell represented the masculine. 

And that the two have become separated over time. And that both the masculine and the feminine carry a deep longing for the sweet sound of universal freedom, in all of it's depths, that is created when the two come together to create that healing tone that has been missing so long from our lives. That missing sound carries within it the sense of fulfillment, of knowing, and of the oneness that the "still small voice" within every heart longs to experience. 

The deeply frustrated masculine has been running amok through the world striking everything in sight with that clangor in an effort to find that missing tone. But the sounds from all that has been struck by the separated masculine have only been, and continue to be, disharmonious, harsh, and grating. What is the emerging gift of the feminine?? In my pondering, the answer that comes forth is that the feminine brings a gift of deep "caring" based upon a wisdom that knows of the total connectedness of all of life. And it rests upon the fierce strength that the Mother can call forth to protect her own. 

As I observe the many issues facing our world today it occurs to me that in every arena the "problem" could have been avoided by merely adding this dynamic of "caring" to the decision making process. Massive amounts of toxic chemicals would not be sprayed upon our genetically engineered food and the earth if someone cared. Drones would not kill anyone, let alone the innocent women and children, if someone cared. 

Financial hardships would not be inflicted on the family of humanity if someone cared. There would be no Smart Meters carrying unseen toxic poisons into our homes and lives if someone cared. Profits would not be valued over people if someone cared. There would be no people starving. There would be no healing modalities suppressed. There would be no one denied health care. This will be another kind of world when the Mother's caring has returned. Ultimately one must "care" about the true voice of knowing, that "still small voice" that speaks from the heart. 

For it is that voice, within you, that cares the most about you, and your entire family. It recognizes, and resonates with the Truth of the connectedness of all of Life. It watches the events of our world and recognizes the insanity of a world without caring. That "still small voice" in the heart of EVERYONE in that room here on Kauai on Tuesday recognized the absurdity of the massive military war machine, coming to ask the 27 people here on Kauai what they think about the effects on the environment as they test and train their abilities to inflict massive "shock and awe" on every aspect of life on this planet. 

How numb does one have to become to ask the question, "Will the military have an effect on the environment?" 

How much denial and forgetfulness is required to block out the unending pictures of the results of the mayhem of war on our planet? Environmental Impact indeed!! 

Where is hope? 

Hope is in the knowing that there is power in Truth. Hope is in knowing that Truth can be found in every heart, and that that "still small voice" is speaking in every heart. Hope is found in the knowing that everything, in every arena, that is not founded on Truth, the Truth of the Heart, is now crumbling. When Truth is spoken it resonates and empowers all of Life. Hope is in knowing that this Truth is being expressed from the grass roots up where foundations are built and change happens. 

Those 27 voices were Truth being spoken, were foundations being laid, were Light being shined upon the dark, were awakening the good but numb. Having lived 18 years in the Washington, D.C. area, and having walked the halls of Congress and worked in the financial and corporate arenas for many years, I realize that this can sound naive to some. 

But in my heart I know the power of what is happening now. In that room on Tuesday everyone representing the Military industrial complex, those who had become numb, were there drawing a paycheck. But those 27 Kauaians investing their time, hearts and knowing were there is service to Truth, Caring and the well-being of all of the family of life. None of them received a penny for their efforts. And the dichotomy was that despite appearances, the true power in the room was held by the 27. No hearts were swayed by the money and power of the Military presence. But the voices of the 27 visibly touched the hearts of everyone in the room. 

The Military Complex was touched, and moved. The world is heart at a time. That gives me hope. The 27 give me hope. The still small voice emerging gives me hope. I trust in the potent power of Truth that lies in and is known in every heart. It is carried in the sounds of the terns chatter at the beach, and the breeze through the palms, and the gentle lapping of the waves. It is soft enough to allow the Monk seal to doze peacefully, and powerful enough to touch everyone, and everything, everywhere. 

No one is immune from these winds of change. I have begun to hear, in the voices of the 27, those gentle healing tones sent forth from the reunited bell, as the masculine allows itself to be returned to the wise and caring embrace of the feminine; and allows the warrior within's action to be tempered by caring, to touch and be touched by the feminine as the healing tones of their uniting once again peal forth to caress, recognize and nurture the oneness of all of life. As Chogyum Trungpa shared,
"The definition of vulnerability, for the true warrior, is, the availability to be touched by life."
And as the wise ones who came us before said, "These truths are self evident...." - when we listen to that "still small voice" in our hearts. I have hope. I offer my most sincere appreciation and gratitude to each one of you each and every time you find a way to show up, in support of all life; to be one of the 27 who sound the Truth of that ever growing "still small voice"!! Shine on!!

Petition to Curb Navy Plans 
SOURCE: Brad Parsons (
SUBHEAD: Navy to deafen 11,200 whales and dolphins and kill 1,600 more. Help stop them. 

The Navy is required to include comments on their Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) re: the use of high frequency underwater sound for testing in Hawaii and off the coast of California. According to their estimates it will deafen 11,200 whales and dolphins and kill 1,600 more over the next 7 years. Whales and dolphins depend on sound to navigate and live. Your signature and comment will have to be included in the EIS and could stop this Naval program, potentially saving the lives of these ocean creatures. The comments must be in by July 10, 2012. That's why I signed a petition to U.S. Navy EIS Comments, which says:
"Stop the killing of 1,600 whales and dolphins and the deafening of 11,200 more by ceasing the operation of the Navy's underwater sound system in the Hawaiian Islands and California coastline."
Will you sign this petition? Click here: Thanks!


Itfeelslike-magic said...

Thank you Michael for that touching & heartfelt piece. I totally agree. I also noticed that 27 is a 9.... the number of completion and I feel that this was no accident. Very powerful!


Sean Tesla said...

This is an amazing article... so extremely well written. Thank you Michael for taking the time to fully experience what's happening and sharing it with everyone else. It was fantastic to read and ponder. Very illuminating. We all know that if their own children were somehow wired up to receive these sonar blasts, they would find their actions unconscionable. Your article helps me to lessen my reaction to demonize those involved with a tab bit more compassion. I also know we all make choices about our professional/income choices. When I was finishing engineering school, I made a very clear choice not to work for any military organization or projects. I trust that the choices everyone makes is their spiritual development and even as a species we are evolving. It may not look pretty when the choices made are messy and destructive, but I do trust the Universe. I do feel small compared to the mighty Military Complex here on our conscious little island. It seems so out of place and contrary to the spirit of Kauai. Next time, lets have 127 people speak up at the hearings. Then 1,027. Then 10,027. Let's keeping growing one conscious person at a time. THAT is what we are responsible for... for your own choices and actions.

scottearth said...

The fact that this would even be considered is simply mind numbing and disgraceful!

Heather said...

Thank you for this important information.

Anonymous said...

I was the 27th of the Kaua`i speakers. Of course the last thing I felt like doing that Tuesday night was addressing a room full of naval officers. But I got up and tried to speak to their hearts. It was hard knowing the futility of our efforts. It was like one of those scenes in a movie where the character gets to say one last thing then they shoot him anyway. Afterwards, I went over to the Captain (who sincerely thanked me for my comments and kissed me on the cheek) and said, "Our comments don't make any difference, do they," and he said, "No, it's going forward." I then asked what, if anything, WOULD make a difference at this point. He said, "It would take a much larger number of people speaking out. A large enough number that the higher-ups would simply have to take notice."
Is there any way that we on Kaua`i can get more involved in this? I believe we have the power, but we have to get off our butts. (Remember the Super Ferry!) Many mahalos to Michael Schooltz for this article and for making me feel a wee bit less futile. Every little effort counts, even if we can't see its value at the moment. WR

California Mama said...

Thank you for sharing. I love the imagery of the bell. I will sign every petition and do my part to spread the word. I think getting millions of signatures would get their attention.

I wonder how Obama's daughters would feel about this one?

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