KIUC and 2.4GHz radiation

SOURCE: Ken Taylor ( SUBHEAD: Revelations about the dangers of smart meters and the deceptions by KIUC are just beginning. By Shosanah Chantara on 8 June 2012 by forwarded email - Image above: The Grid crawls up the mountainside carrying pollution from lights, electromagnetic waves and microwaves. From (

This letter is in response to Pat Gegan's of 6/1 to Christopher Schaeffer. Christopher wrote the board, asking KIUC to produce an expert of comparable credentials to Dr. David Carpenter to refute Dr. Carpenter's testimony concerning the documented health hazards of WIFI. Pat wrote:

"...we have seen this information and unfortunately it does not pertain as closely as many are stating. The frequency used in the Portland school example is based on 2.4GHz while the frequency used by Landis and Gyr meters is the Gridstream RF which is in the neighborhood of 902-908 MHz." and later, "I present no expert, just some differences between the study being used to make some assertions and the actual specifications of the Landis and Gyr Meters."
You and everyone on the board will apparently be surprised to learn that the smart meters KIUC selected utilize both 900 MHz AND 2.4GHz.

The Landis+Gyr literature you recently sent me clearly states "comes with Zigbee home area network radio for communicating with in-premise devices, such as energy monitors, thermostats and appliances."

Zigbee is a 2.4 GHz communication protocol - a fact which should long since have been known to all of you on the board and been made known to the people of Kauai...especially those interested in the in home display program which will immediately utilize Zigbee. I request that KIUC amend its website, its publicity, and its literature to reflect this revelation. I request that an email be sent to all coop members alerting them to this new information and reminding them that they may ask for a deferral or for removal of their smart meter at no additional cost. Since all of you have missed understanding or communicating this fundamental point (whether intentionally or otherwise I cannot say), you may perhaps appreciate why Chris and many others feel that the board's due diligence and transparency on all issues regarding smart meters, is not to be trusted. Having established the fact that KIUC smart meters are configured for 2.4GHz, it should be plain to you that Chris is correct: Dr. Carpenter's research is highly relevant and you all have a duty to answer his concerns. Unless KIUC can disprove Dr. Carpenter's concerns, I respectfully request that you immediately institute a moratorium on further installations and remove all smart meters which have already been installed. I further request an EIS and additional research on human and animal health issues. Please also read the amended declaration of microwave specialist Barrie Trower. See ( This too details numerous studies of serious health problems resulting from exposure to pulsed microwaves carried on 2.4 GHz communication.

At the Marriott courtyard meeting, on 4/24, Jan TenBruggencate dismissed citizen concerns about the effect of smart meters on human health, saying that had read dozens of studies and was convinced Smart Meters are safe. Which studies did Mr. TenBruggencate consider? Did he ignore studies which did not specifically pertain to 900 MHz? Did he understand the significance of the pulsed microwaves carried on 900 MHz? (see next paragraph) While it is always important that KIUC presents truthful information about smart meters, focusing primarily on carrier frequency may cause us to miss the most important issue of all. Current research strongly suggests that pulsed microwave radiation is the most damaging to our biology, regardless of whether it is carried on the 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz band. See:

  1. Andrew Goldsworthy The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields March 2012, p. 4
  2. The Amended Declaration of Barrie Trower p. 17, #59
  3. The Amended Declaration of Dr David Carpenter, p. 5, #17; p. 8, #25; and p. 22, #33

Remember, smart meters communicate via pulsed microwaves. I will cover the hazards of pulsed microwaves in greater detail in answer to the letter Pat sent me on 6/3 in which he asked if I could show you what he was missing in his understanding of the studies. Pat and I had planned to meet in person to discuss this, but events at the 6/4 KIUC meeting make it essential for this communication to occur in public.

At the meeting Pat Gegan interrupted Ken Taylor's request that Brad, your engineer, answer my technical questions about smart meters originally submitted to Jan TenBruggencate. Pat claimed he had already answered my questions in writing and in full. This is FALSE. Was this a deliberate ploy by the board to prevent the truth from being revealed in an open public forum? Finally, the recent measurements of an actual smart meter on Kauai call into question the remaining reasons you gave for the inapplicability of Dr. Carpenter's statements. You wrote: "at the 99.9% a smart meter is on for about 14 minutes in a 24 hour period and the average is closer to 45 seconds." Based on actual measurements, analyzed frame by frame in video, Mr. Naea writes on (

"As the graph shows, extrapolated over a 24 hour period that amounts to 3.2 hours of exposure to a pulsed modulated microwave frequency radiation at over 2 milliwatts per square meter (mW/m )."
Revelations about the dangers of smart meters and the deceptions perpetrated on Kauai's people are just beginning. Please, let us invoke the precautionary principle and implement a moratorium now, before any further damage is done.



Anonymous said...

Bullshit. When you loonies have published peer reviewed science-based infomration- rather than some mumbo jumbo from someone who puts a "Dr" before his name and posts his drivel on an "anti" web site- please share it. Until then go find something important to do with your time.

Susan Brinchman said...

Dear Friends in Hawaii,
I am a nonprofit organization (CEP)leader fighting smart meters in California and beyond. I am also a person who had to suffer illness from two smart meters on my home, for two years. Finally we have had an opt-out approved in California, which CEP helped work on. It is entirely insufficient because it does not protect from second-hand RF radiation exposures. We have some people unable to occupy their homes as a result, and others, still ill. The Zigbee radios in the smart meters haven't even been turned on yet, just the first of two. We expect far more to fall ill from the Zigbees, as these are concentrated in the home and use the same frequency as microwave ovens. For thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show the dangers, go to For the City of Ojai, CA's ordinance that criminalizes the installation of smart meters go to They are one of 57 municipalities in CA that have taken a very firm stand to protect their communities from smart meter harm, and with excellent, science-based reasons that their boards of health and attorneys have approved. This is an emergency, it is not a joke.

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