Flying home to Kauai

SUBHEAD: We'll be in in transit from tomorrow dawn EST until afternoon Kauai time July 20th.  

By Juan Wilson on 19 July 2011 for Island Breath - 

Image above: Front of pole barn we built in 2000 in Chautauqua County NY just before moving to Hawaii. Photos by Juan Wilson.

We'll likely post no articles tomorrow. My wife, Linda, and I will be heading back to Kauai after six weeks on the mainland. We've spent most of the time in Panama NY where we lived before we moved to Kauai. It's a place of mostly green forests and fields. It seems to go on forever compared to anywhere in Hawaii. You could walk the Appalachian from here for a 1000 miles.

Image above: The Old Witch Tree is probably the oldest tree on our land. Probably a few hundred years old. On Halloween we put a lit pumpkin in it's yawning hole.

We are finally letting go of my grandparents old 100 acre farm. We are letting go of the ancient farmhouse and much of its contents. Another generation of our people won't be living here but we hope someone who cares to live here will ... I think we are finally OK with that. We will keep an 8 acre triangle of woods for a campsite in case we ever return.

Here is a good place to live. Right now it's not set up to be very sustainable. Too much driving, too much reliance on the electric grid, too much fossil fuel needed for heating. But that is actually not so hard to fix. All it takes is living like the Amish who have been here ever since that was the way everybody lived.

Image above: Inside our pole barn we set up a temporary home that was quite comfortable and included a pool table, wireless internet and pretty good jerry rigged kitchen.

We're coming home to Kauai on the cusp of more than one world economic crisis. The Greek default and American debt ceiling both are poised to do significant damage to the financial markets no matter how they are resolved. We'll be glad to get back before the SHTF.

We have several projects to complete before we will be ready to be more self reliant. Should be a busy autumn. We be back online in a couple of days to chronicle what we can. Aloha!

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