Luna - Spirit of the Whale

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SUBHEAD: A movie about aboriginal belief that a whale has the spirit of their late chief and the threat to it.  

By Juan Wilson on 27 July 2011 In Island Breath - 

Image above:Still frame from "Luna: Spirit of the Whale". From ( WHAT: "Luna: Spirit of the Whale" movie to be shown for free. WHEN: Thursday, 28 July 2011, at 7:00pm WHERE: Na Keiki O Ka `Aina - Children of the Land Center Waipoholi Shopping Village Next to Papaya's in Kapaa 

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Aloha! There is a very special film being shown at the Children of the Land Center on Thursday PM at 7:00 PM! Please see the attached poster! You won't want to miss this one! Adam Beach, Graham Greene, and Jason Priestly star in director Don McBrearty's account of the events that took place in the harbor of a Vancouver Island village and shocked animal lovers around the world.

When a government representative (Priestly) announces that he intends to reunite an orphaned orca with his pod by transporting him hundreds of miles over dry land, the Mowachaht-Muchalaht First Nations Band, which believes that the spirit of their late chief resides in the majestic ocean mammal, does everything within their power to thwart the controversial plan.

As the community grows increasingly divided over how to handle the situation, a young aboriginal boy wrestles with his own identity and new Band chief Mike Maquinna (Beach) prepares for the trial by fire that could shape his entire future.

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