Hot Particles - Japan to Seattle

SUBHEAD: Hot particles from Japan to Seattle virtually undetectable when Inhaled or swallowed. By Arnie Gundersen on 12 June 2011 for Fairewind Associates - ( Image above: Children being screened after possible exposure to radioactive material in Japan. From BBC ( Original estimates of xenon and krypton releases remain the same, but a TEPCO recalculation shows dramatic increases in the release of hot particles. This confirms the results of air filter monitoring by independent scientists. Fairewinds' Arnie Gundersen explains how hot particles may react in mammals while escaping traditional detection. Reports of a metallic taste in the mouth, such as those now being reported in Japan and on the west coast, are a telltale sign of radiation exposure. Video above: Arnie Gundersen on "hot particles" from Fukushima. From ( See also: Ea O Ka Aina: Breathing Fuel Fleas 6/8/11 .

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