Breathing Fuel Fleas

SUBHEAD: Fukushima continues to distribute "hot particles" that are being lodged in lungs of people on US mainland. By FlamingDem on 8 June 2011 for DemocraticUnderground - ( Image above: Anti-nuclear demonstrator at protest outside of Tepco Headquarters. From ( In April, due to wind direction to the USA from Japan, people in Seattle were breathing in 5 hot particles per day that latch onto lung (Note in the comments that "particle" is the word that gets the nuke boyz crazee! See they think that is more important to point out typos than be concerned the contamination of our air and food!) tissue - says nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen. Well you boyz are winning! There is very little coverage of Fukushima so we can continue to have our lovely nukes here in the USA! YAY FOR CANCER! Seattle is where Gundersen had colleagues testing the air. Watch the video. Kudos to John King for keeping this story alive on CNN. Video above: John King interviews Arne Gundersen on "hot particles" or "fuel fleas". From ( .

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