Kekaha Shrimp Farm Discharge

SUBHEAD: About the just announced shrimp farm discharge permit meeting.
Image above: Image above: One of several 12" PVC discharge pipe from shrimp basin flows into ditch headed to ocean. Note dead plants in ditch coated with white accretion. Photo by Juan Wilson in 2009.
[Editor's note: Invitation below to the Sunrise Capital Informational Meeting and Field Trip to review the NPDES permit application for 25 million gallons a day of discharge, 8 1/2 times the daily outflow volumn of the BP oil spill and more daily discharge than the whole Kaua'i Water Department. The following invitation was apparently sent to only 12 invitees.] By Joanna Seto on 3 September 2010 for Hawaii Department of Health -
Subject: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Informational Meeting and Field Trip Sunrise Capital, Inc. Zone of Mixing No. ZM-271 NPDES Permit No. HI 0021654 The Department of Health (DOH), with the cooperation of Sunrise Capital, Inc., will be holding an informational meeting and facility field trip on September 16, 2010, at the Sunrise Capital, Inc. shrimp farm facility located at 6556 Kaumualii Highway, Kekaha, Island of Kauai, Hawaii. The DOH apologizes for the short notice, but wanted to have this event when Sunrise Capital’s management would be able to be in Kauai to represent the facility and provide a facility tour. The selection of the meeting site at the Sunrise Capital facility will allow for the convenient physical viewing the facility operations as part of or upon the conclusion of the informational meeting. Please note that due to the limited space availability of the meeting area at the shrimp farm and logistics concerns associated with accommodating a very large group during the field trip, the DOH has had to limit the number of guests that may be invited to the facility, and therefore is inviting only those 12 persons which the DOH has considered to have submitted comments on the public notice Draft NPDES permit that are substantive in nature. The DOH is cordially inviting you to the Thursday, September 16, 2010 informational meeting and field trip at the Sunrise Capital, Inc. facility. Please RSVP via:
phone (808) 586-4309
RSVP by September 13, 2010, if you plan to attend. Please note that if you are unable to attend, only one (1) person may attend as a substitute for you.
The September 16, 2010 informational meeting and field trip shall begin at 8:30 a.m. and is anticipated to end at 12:30 p.m. Following is the tentative general outline for the informational meeting and field trip, which may not be carried out in the particular order:
1. Overview of the comments and concerns received during the public notice comment period for the Sunrise Capital, Inc. Draft NPDES permit. 2. Discussion on the comments and concerns and possible remedies. 3. Question and answer session about the facility operations. 4. Facility walk through to assist in further understanding of the facility operations.
In your RSVP response please indicate if you will or will not attend, if not, the substitute person, if any, and the NPDES Permit No. HI 0021654. If the DOH does not receive your RSVP response by September 13, 2010, we will assume that you will not attend. Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Joanna L. Seto, Supervisor of the Engineering Section, Clean Water Branch, at (808) 586-4309. Sincerely, Joanna Seto for ALEC WONG, P.E., CHIEF Clean Water Branch Joanna L. Seto Engineering Section Supervisor Clean Water Branch State of Hawaii Department of Health
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Farmless Local said...

When they made this Ag park, the Dept. of Ag, and the (DOH) didn't even accommodate for the human Excrement, of the Family farmers that were supposed to be there. They told the farmers they weren't concerned about 1 or 2 people, they called it "oneseys or twoseys" it was when it was more than a few, like lots of employees, that might cause some concern. So you could have a cesspool for yourself, and your family. Those horrible Porta Pottys were allowed, But they never even began to express the possibility, that tons, of animal excrement would be OK, in fact the leases Specifically forbid the farmers from having any, animals what so ever, of any kind, not even chickens, except for a pet cat of dog.

So Specifically there was never ever supposed to be any, tons and tons, of shrimp shit, or any other kind of shit, released on, or in, that Ag park.
What they have done, and what they are proposing, is expressly forbidden, and should have never been allowed, nor should it continue to be allowed. It is grotesque, and disgusting. There are other ways to mitigate that waste without releasing it into the environment of the coastline. That is against Federal coastal management laws & regulations. There should be no exemptions!

Chances are the DOH, will let these well connected Billionaires do what ever they want. (Or their heads will roll)

I ask, since when were Charitable organizations in the farming business? NEVER!
It is a direct conflict of interest.
You cannot be a Charitable trust, and be a Business at the same time, there to make a profit.

This whole shrimp farm, is a scam that was developed to Rob from the People, to give to the Rich!
It needs to be shut down, cleaned up, and the Ag land returned to local farmers, as it was originally funded for, with Federal, Economic Development Administration money.

Farmless Local

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