Together We Will! - talk turkey with Mayor Bernard Carvalho

SUBHEAD: Speak with Kauai Mayor Carvalho during call-in show on KKCR on May 18th at 4:00pm. Image above: Kauai Mayor Bernard P Carvalho Jr. LIVE on-air at KKCR. Photo by jonathan jay. By Jonathan Jay on 6 March 2010 - WHO: You and Yours-most-dear are invited to listen and call-in WHAT: "Out of the Box", KKCR's Community Call-in Public Affairs show WHERE: On your FM dial from: 90.9 91.9 or 92.7; cable: 95.0; WHY: To listen and engage with Kaua`i Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho Jr. WHEN: Thursday afternoon 'drive-time', March 18th, from 4-6 pm HOW: Unplug, Tune-in & Call up: live in studio # (808) 826.7771 Note: this show will be airing 2 days after the unveiling of the mayor's budget proposal for the upcoming year, so Mayor Bernard will likely has some things to say about this, but afterward, the sky is the limit for what you want to talk about. advance email your questions for the Mayor to: ootb (at) Whether the most important issue on the island to you is energy, solid waste, civil liberties, transportation, environmental, fiscal or related to the host Hawaiian culture, tune into the show and 'see' what Mayor Bernard has to say. If you don't hear the question or topic you desire, call directly into the show. 2nd Note: Be sure to pull over if you are driving without a hands-free device, because you'll get busted for that according to the new law he just signed. "Out of the Box" - public affairs programming you can really sink your teeth into - on KKCR Kauai's Community Radio. .

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