Missing Kauai County Charter

SUBHEAD: Kauai County still does not have the language of the its current Charter online.

By Andy Parx on 24 March 2010 in Parx News Daily -  

Image above: Portion of screen shot from homepage of Kauai County website. It is not easy to find the County Charter from here. From (http://www.kauai.gov). 

We actually enjoy ridiculing the all too easy to mock Kauai administration and council for their ability to keep us guessing whether they are just totally incompetent or simply so addicted to secrecy that it just seems that way.

Once again the ability to play the game of public policy and related public relation has taken a pie in the face with the county’s press release announcing “County Charter now available online”. The previously available but now defunct on-line version of the charter - http://www.kauai.gov/portals/0/county_attorney/kauai_county_charter.pdf was woefully out of date with recent charter amendments not just missing from the charter but unavailable anywhere at the county’s web site.

So it was with hope we that we read: In response to numerous requests, the codified version of the County Charter is now available online. To access the charter, please go to www.kauai.gov/CountyCharter.

Originally adopted by voters in 1969, there have been many amendments to the County Charter over the years. Codified? Sounds good. Sounds like it might just be the actual words passed by the voters- all of them up through those passed in 2008.

So will the real charter final please stand up? Will we be able to cease having to do a search of our own files in order to find the language of, oh say, the seemingly forgotten, still unenforced, citizen-petitioned, general plan enforcement amendment and others passed recently? Yeah, right, just read the penultimate line for a clue:

"The official document remains in the County Clerk’s office."
And it was worse when we went to the new and improved posting where it says:
"Disclaimer: This is the Unofficial Charter of the County of Kauai, and as such MAY NOT represent the law in its current form (no warranties are made regarding its accuracy or completeness). It is being provided as a courtesy while the official edition is being finalized.

Please Note: This information is being provided as a public service. Users should confirm the accuracy of the information with the handcopy available at the Office of the County Clerk. While the County of Kauai will strive to keep this material accurate and up-to-date, those people needing an official, accurate, and up-to-date edition of the Charter will be able to obtain hard copies of those documents and other pertinent information from the Office of the County Clerk."
So the first result of the change is that no one who previously bookmarked the charter and never saw the release or the The Garden Island News regurgitation story will be able to find it without jumping through who knows how many hoops.

But if you do find it what you’ll find is the long missing index (inaccurate when used with the pdf pages) but just the same tired old lack of amendments- with the exception of the addition of the “County Auditor” amendment but without any of the other 2008 changes and sans some earlier ones- notable the general plan amendment.

It’d be nice if it was even one step forward two steps backward with these dolts now and again but instead we have three steps sideways with a moonwalk thrown in to boot. No wonder we ask so often “can’t anyone here play this game?”

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