350 Rally in Waimea, Kauai

SUBHEAD: The last and most western 350 demonstration in the world was held in Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii.

By Juan Wilson on 24 October 2009 for Island Breath -

Image above: Tiana Kamen explains impact of one-meter sea rise on Waimea Town, Kauai. All photos courtesy of Juan Wilson.  

There were to be worldwide demonstrations expressing resistance to global warming by CO2 emissions on October 24th. The idea was to achieve a goal 350part-per-million (or less) of CO2 in our atmosphere to avoid run-away global warming - raising seas and desertifying the land.

  image above: some participants hold Waimea "flood" map up for a rally portrait. (l. to r.) Tiana Kamie, Linda Harmon, Linda Pascatore, and Helene Kamen.

We had heard of no announcement of a scheduled event by the www.350.org rally for the westside of Kauai until October 20th. Living in Hanapepe we delighted when we heard about a planned event in Waimea today. That meant we would not have to burn too much gas driving around the island to protest adding CO2 to the atmosphere.

The Waimea 350 event was held in the park with Captains Cook's statue across the street from Ishihara's Market. It was organized by Francois Rogers (on Oahu) and Ivory McClintock, of The Blue Line Project (www.bluelineproject.org). Kauai native Tiana Kamen and her mother Helene were on the ground in Waimea with blue 350 T-shirts, handout material, and a map of Waimea that illustrated what the coastline of the town would be with a one- meter rise in sea level. It wasn't pretty if you owned a home in the area.

Image above: A local resident is the first to draw a blue line down the sidewalk of his town.

One of the rally activities was to draw a blue line ( (a line in the sand, so to speak) down the sidewalk in the middle of town to demonstrate our concern and resolve about not letting global warming come to the point of sinking our towns.

Only a small number of people gathered over the two hours of the rally, but they were concerned and dedicated folks. One claim to fame they had was being the most western and last place for a 350 gathering in the world on 2 October 2009.

Image above: Juan Wilson add some yardage to Waimea's blue line.

One thing seems clear, the scientific community and the progressive activists involved with social justice and the environment are in agreement. A disaster is unfolding that can only be stopped by political will and courage that is in too short supply. The Obama administration is sending veiled signals that it won't be possible to go to Copenhagen in seven weeks with a US agreement to stop destroying the planet.

 If we won't agree to wash our hands of oil and coal in the near future, why should China or anyone else in in the back of the world bus - as it plunges over the cliff. The 350.org founder Bill McKibbon thinks the United Nations climate meeting in Copenhagen will be the most important gathering of human leaders in our history. To me it will demonstrate if money is more important than life, and whether we really are more intelligent than dinosaurs.

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