Superferry Redux

SUBHEAD: Live Internet video in-studio interview by Ed Coll on the Superferry issue. image above: Hawaiian Superferry graphic satire by From By Brad Parsons on 28 October 2009 - On Sunday Oct. 25th, Ed Coll tested out the procedures for a live internet video talk show broadcast to the world, on the subject of a recap of the Superferry, "Superferry Redux." In studio guests included Pua La'a Norwood, her son Timoteo, and Brad Parsons. A call-in guest included Jimmy Trujillo. The show was a recap of the Superferry issue including reports of current events on the matter, but particularly contains the unique thoughts of the guests on the subject, while also testing out a new combination of broadcast technology. video above: This film is available for view at see also: Island Breath: Superferry Redux 6/11/06 Island Breath: The Superferry & US Military 10/13/06

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