Let's Make a Radio Show!

SUBHEAD: Storybook Theatre offers various classes that will lead to producing a radio show and possibly a video recording.  

By Cindy Combs on 18 September 2009 for The Storybook Theatre

Image above: Classroom at the Storybook Theatre in Hanapepe, Kauai

The Storybook Theatre of Hawaii is offering classes during the week of Oct. 5 -9 for children ages 8 to 12 called 'Let's Make a Radio Show!'. It will give participants an adventure in literacy and fun with reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Students will improve their abilities in all areas of literacy through various creative exercises geared to encourage the student to discover and use cognitive and writing skills he or she already possesses along with the exploration of new ways of jump-starting the creative process.

Students will write and record their own stories and poems, skits and songs, for potential inclusion in 'The Storybook Theatre Radio Show". Selected material from this week long program will be compiled in an audio recording that each student will receive shortly after the end of the program. Emphasis will be placed on the creative process and self expression through the use of reading and writing as well as listening and speaking.

Students will gain improved reading and writing skills, a better sense of self and others, and greater self-esteem. Improve your child's literacy with this unique program. For more information contact:

Cindy Combs
email: office@storybook.org
phone: 808-335-0712
 3814 Hanapepe Road., 96716

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