Hawaiian Sovereignty Panel

SUBHEAD: Reinstated Hawaiian Government to host panel discussion on national sovereignty.  

By Kekane Pa on 23 September 2009 for RHG - 
Image above: Photo by Kyle Kajahiro of sovereignty supporters on "Statehood Day" 8/22/09. From http://www.dmzhawaii.org/?p=3389

The Reinstated Hawaiian Government is hosting a panel discussion on Hawaiian sovereignty. Below is a list of those representatives invited to present their Hawaiian national sovereignty process to the people of Kauai. Certified letters of invitation have been sent to all of them.

There are no assurances as to who may come as of this date. Each participating group will have 15 minutes to present its sovereignty process. A question and answer session will follow. The public is welcome and everyone is invited to listen and ask questions.  

Panel discussion on Hawaiian Sovereignty

Sunday on October 11th 2009 from 1:00 - 6:00pm  

Peace and Freedom Convention Hall 4191 Hardy Street, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii  

REINSTATED HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT Henry Noa POB 2236 Honolulu, HI 96804 email: hughog001@hawaii.rr.com website: http://hawaii-gov.net

NATION OF HAWAII Dennis "Bumpy" Kanahele PO Box 701 Waimanalo, HI 9679 tel: (808) 259-9018 email: pu.uhonua@hawaiiantel.net website: www.bumpykanahele.com

HAWAIIAN KINGDOM Keanu Sai, Ph.D email: anu@hawaii.edu website: http://www.hawaiiankingdom.org

HAWAIIAN KINGDOM GOVERNMENT Mahealani Asing Kahau 210 Iolani Avenue, Suite #3 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 tel: (808) 587-2489 email: iolaniavenue@aol.com website: http://www.higovt.org

KAU INOA OHA Representative Boyd P. Mossman Walter Meheula Heen 711 Kapi'olani Blvd., St 500 Honolulu, HI 96813 tel: (808) 594-1835 fax: (808) 594-1865 email: info@oha.org website: http://www.kauinoa.org

LIVING NATION Lynette Cruz Mel Kalahiki 45-659 Lohiehu St. Kaneohe, HI 96744 tel: (808) 284-3460 email: palolo@hawaii.rr.com website: http://www.livingnation.net

PAKAUKAU Kekuni Blaisdell tel: (808) 595-6691 email: kauahi@hawaii.rr.com

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Andy Parx said...

No Kingdom of Atooi?

Juan Wilson said...


Kekane and RHG may have other reasons, but it makes sense in that Atooi is not a national Hawaiian sovereignty group, but an island group under the Polynesian Kingdom (with influence from Maori?).


jonathan jay said...

peace and _freedom_ hall - no justice!

Juan Wilson said...


I stand corrected. "Peace & Freedom" it is and has been corrected to.'


Anonymous said...

Joan Heller says, I don't look at the Hawaiian independence struggle (or any indigenous peoples)as a battle amongst their own--but it sounds like a beauracratic hierarchy is in place in the Sovereignty. Also, when men rule is by ego, when its all genders its a family!

Joan Heller

awolgov said...

Has the name of the convention center officially changed to Peace & Freedom Hall by the county??

awolgov said...

I realize the authors here are just being cute by replacing War Memorial Convention Hall with Peace & Freedom Hall, but for people that arenʻt that familiar getting to places in Kauai, off-islanders for instance...it is kind of misleading and not much help. Especially for something this important.

Educated Kanaka said...

juan, We have certified letters inviting all of these groups. We offered them time to share with the public of Kauai a solution, they did not come so what. You and others cannot say that they were not invited, our copies will admit that we did offer them to share what and who they are. RHG is real. We have our track record as Hawaiian Nationals electing people to there legislative chairs. We did not appoint ourselves or use the spirit, we have kanaka people from every island that participated in restoring our government that was injured in the war crimes first.
You and others talk about fake State of Hawaii, well let me tell you that there is a lot of fake sovereignty out there. They had their chance to question or to be question on this panel but what we understand is who can compete with a process that has followed all of the rules of International Law, Kingdom Law, U.S. Domestic Laws and most of all Reinstatement Law.

Not the God of light or our past spirit, these issue's are real and we can only win the game having a recognize government that has reinstated it's authoruty in accordance with laws , not feelings.

You want to talk the talk - do the walk too.
Juan when you say RHG has other reasons that misleading, we are not here to play games. The Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii, not Atooi has and is being trample by people like you and others that don't know the true History of Hawaii.
Anytime you or Daine want to have a panel for sovereignty of the Hawaiian Government that our King Kauikeaole created, bring it on stop the bullshit.
Juan you as a AMERICAN has no business to tell me of my history if your not pono. The Kingdom Of Hawaii is not about America or it's American citizens, it's total independence if you don't agree well theirs the problem.

We as U.S. kanaka Maoli cannot free our independence as U.S. Nationals, we must be Hawaiian Nationals.

I have a t.v. show on hoike, anyone wants to prove me wrong well let's have a show.
Don't talk about me when i'm not their to respond or correct your misleading info.

Kekane Pa

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