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SUBHEAD: Now a proposal to rezone Princeville for 312 new timeshares.

By Sylvia Leutz on 20 January 2009 in Island Breath -

Image above: Prince Course 14th hole by golf artist Larry Dotson. Look no timeshares anywhere in sight. See

There is a new Proposal from the Princeville Corporation to rezone two parcels of their property (“The Meadows” and “The Greens) from Single Family Home zoning R-4 & R-6, to R-10 in order to build a new 312 unit Timeshare Project.

They are on the Planning Commission Agenda for the rezoning on Tuesday, January 27, 2009! I am against this Rezoning proposal because: 

Kauai does not need any more Timeshares!
We already have more Timeshares on Kauai than on Oahu (according to the Visitor Plant Inventory 2008 recently released by the State of Hawaii, Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.

If this rezoning is approved and 312 new Timeshare Units are built on Kauai, we will have more timeshares than Oahu and Maui!

Timeshares have a greater impact on the community than any other use with an 85% occupancy rate.

The typical timeshare visitor spends their week touring the island. This proposed project would add approximately 265 vehicles per day to Kauai’s already crowded roads… or 530 vehicle trips per day in Kapaa as these vehicles come and go to their Princeville destination. The North Shore does not need any more Timeshares!

Princeville already has more timeshares than any other area on the island with 756 units. A rezoning to permit 312 new additional units would be a 41% increase in Timeshare units for Princeville.
The North Shore’s roads, beaches and stores are already crowded.

Timeshare Resorts are not compatible with the rural atmosphere of Kauai’s North Shore.

Rezoning of this property will change the character of the North Shore.

This property is currently zoned for Single Family Homes which would or could be occupied by local residents and even part-time residents who add to the community through their commitment of time, energy and investment in the community. They respect and care for our area in a way that many vacation-only visitors can not.

I am a Princeville resident. I am not anti-growth… but I am for protecting and preserving the character of our community and island. I am writing this letter to you and others in the hopes of raising awareness of this issue.

There will be a presentation of the proposal at the Princeville Golf Course Ali’I Room at 6pm, Wednesday, January 21st where representatives of Princeville Corporation are introducing the proposal to members of the Princeville Community Association.

This meeting is not well publicized but I believe it is open to all interested community members. The only other opportunity we will have to let our feelings known will be at the Planning Commission Hearing on Tuesday, January 27, 2009.

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