Has HSF struck things?

SUBHEAD: It looks like the Alakai's bow has been hitting foreign objects? SOURCE: Brad Parsons mauibrad@hotmail.com
  By Brad Parsons on 19 January 2009
You may have to zoom in on it a little. It looks like there is a lot of paint removed from around the front edge of it. It even appears to have some irregular non-smooth surface to it. There is also a dark spot near the tip. Has this wave-piercing tip been touching something other than water? Would water alone do that?
image above: Graphic image found at www.neilpryde.com
image above: zoom in on bow of Superferry provided by Juan Wilson
[Juan Wilsons's Note: It appears that The "www.NeilPryde.com" could be a composite image, and therefore might be suspect, but there is little reason to suspect that this commercial site has a reason to "age" the Superferry to sell windsurfing equipment.]


Anonymous said...

If you watch the video on the original website, you can pause it and see the same degraded features on the wave-piercing tip.

Anonymous said...

just wondering, are those windsurfers violating the security zone? peace,...jt

Ferry Snoop Dog said...

In the video you can tell they are a little further away than they appear to be in the picture. But, at times I think they may have come within 100 yards of the vessel. The helicopter stays more than 100 yards away.

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