Kauai Aquatic Conference

SUBHEAD: Fifth annual two-day event will focus on sustainable ecosystems and fisheries.

 By Scott Foster on 6 January 2009 for Island Breath -
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The Fifth Hawai`i Aquatics Conference will be held on Kauai at the Aloha Beach Hotel on January 10-11, 2009. Conference sponsors include the Hawaii Audubon Society, the Division of Aquatic Resources, DLNR, the Marine Conservation Biology Institute, and others.

The program will begin at 9 am on Saturday and conclude at 5 pm on Sunday. Conference registration is $50 per day and includes all meals. For further information, contact Linda Paul, linpaul@aloha.net; Maka`ala Ka`aumoana, 826-1985 makaala@hawaiian.net; Ellyn Tong ellynt@lava.net. To register contact Casey Primacio athiaudsoc@pixi.com

The Conference goal is to continue the resource management dialogue begun in 1999 on how aquatics resource management based on traditional Hawaiian moku and ahupua`a (community-based) management approaches can be meshed with western-style management methods to restore and sustainably manage Hawaii's aquatic resources.

The Conference will feature current issues on Kauai and include presentations on community-based management, traditional Native Hawaiian fishing practices, alternative fisheries management methods, updates on management rules and enforcement, current research in both marine and freshwater ecosystems, species of special concern, threats to aquatic ecosystems, and feature a discussion on the management problems of today's ahupua`a.

Speakers are invited and the conferences are open to the public. All attendees receive a printed program with abstracts of the presentations. The presentations will be video taped for later broadcasting to the entire state on the community television station Olelo.

The Hawai`i Aquatics Conferences arose from the realization that aquatics research, management, education, and policy planning consist of many individual and generally uncoordinated efforts by people who rarely interact with one another.

Holding a state-wide meeting every two years would provide a regular forum for managers, fishermen, educators, conservationists, policy makers and the general public to share information and ideas on better ways to manage integrated aquatic systems (streams and riparian areas, wetlands, estuaries, lagoons, coral reefs, and nearshore waters) and to explore various resource management approaches. SATURDAY

8:00 -  Continental Breakfast.
 8:30 - Registration.
9:00 - Opening Pule - Sabra Kauka
 9:05 - Welcome and Announcements. Mina Morita
9:15 - Utilizing Kupuna Knowledge in Aquatic Resource Management.
Carlos Andrade, moderator Cheryl Lovell Obatake Tessie Kinnaman 10:35 Coffee and discussion

10:50 - Presentations on Community-based Management Overview of subsistence fishing area organizations. Luna Keoa Haena community-based mgt on the ground: Development of rules Jeffery Chandler Hanalei Watershed Hui on North Shore Maka`ala Ka`aumoana Aha Kiole Council Sharon Pomroy

12:15 - Lunch 1:30 - Presentations on Current Issues and Species of Special Concern. Acanthurids and coral reef fisheries Jeremy Claisse Akule and opelu study Kevin Weng `O pihi: introduction, size, bag limits Alton Miyasaka (invited) Uhu: life history, SCUBA spear fishing impacts Katie Howard Hawaiian monk seal update Keiko Bonk

3:15 - Coffee and discussion

3:30 - Updates on Management Tools/rules Currently in Effect. Enforcement legislation update (new civil penalties) Bin Li (invited) DOCARE Strategic Plan update DOCARE - Kauai Management by seasonal closures, bag limits and permanently closed areas. Dan Polhemus, Don Heacock (invited)

4:15 - Break-out Groups 7:00 - Reception

8:15 - Continental Breakfast

9:00 - Opening Pule Sabra Kauka

9:05 - Presentations on Freshwater Issues. Setting in-stream flow standards. Ken Kawahara (invited) The interface between streams and the ocean Bob Nishimoto Stream protection and management: Hihiwai Skippy Hau Riparian Streams Adam Asquith

10:45 - Coffee and discussion.

11:00 - Traditional Native Hawaiian fishing practices. Fishing koas, mauka-makai connection, pono practices William Aila Traditional modes of enforcement: Makai Watch. Jeff Chandler

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - Threats to Aquatic Ecosystems and upcoming issues Fresh water and marine invasives. Izzy Abbott (invited) Effects of ocean acidification and rising ocean temperatures on corals. Jane Shoomaker Coral diseases Greta Abby Aquarium limited entry Glennon Gingo

3:00 - Coffee and discussion

3:15 - Today's Ahupua`a: an open-ended between discussants, and between discussants and audience. Land use, stream management, sediments and reefs will be the focus of the discussion.

Issues will include dredging Hanalei River mouth, impacts of phasing out sugar and developing diversified agriculture, how to manage the land so that streams and estuaries can function, and important agricultural lands designation. Panelists: Bob Nishimoto (confirmed),

Gordon Smith (confirmed), Matt Rosener (confirmed), Hiilei Angela Kawelo (invited).

5:00 - Pau

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