NATO is an American Tool

SUBHEAD: To save itself from the danger of nuclear annihilation, Europe must declare its independence from America.

By John Avery on 18 June 2016 for Counter Currents -

Image above: Polish Army soldiers carry flags of countries taking part in the Anaconda-16 military exercise during the opening ceremony in Rembertow, June 6, 2016. Photo by Marek Jezierski. From (

NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is supposed to be a defensive alliance, whose purpose is to “protect Europe from aggression”; but today it is aggressive tool of the United States. Today NATO is threatening to drive Europe into an all-destroying thermonuclear war with Russia.

In recent years, participation in NATO has made European countries accomplices in US efforts to achieve global hegemony by means of military force, in violation of international law, and especially in violation of the UN Charter, the Nuremberg Principles.

Former UN Assistant Secretary General Hans Christof von Sponeck used the following words to express his opinion that NATO now violates the UN Charter and international law: “In the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty, the Charter of the United Nations was declared to be NATO’s legally binding framework.

However, the United-Nations monopoly of the use of force, especially as specified in Article 51 of the Charter, was no longer accepted according to the 1999 NATO doctrine. NATO’s territorial scope, until then limited to the Euro-Atlantic region, was expanded by its members to include the whole world”.

At present the United States government has forced the European members of NATO to participate in aggressive operations in connection with the coup which it carried out against the elected government of Ukraine. The hubris, and reckless irresponsibility of the US government in risking a catastrophic war with Russia is almost beyond belief.

According to The Guardian, June 16, 2016, “The largest war game in eastern Europe since the end of the cold war has started in Poland, as NATO and partner countries seek to mount a display of strength as a response to concerns about Russia’s assertiveness and actions.”
“The 10-day military exercise, involving 31,000 troops and thousands of vehicles from 24 countries, has been welcomed among Nato’s allies in the region, though defence experts warn that any mishap could prompt an offensive reaction from Moscow.”
“A defence attache at a European embassy in Warsaw said the “nightmare scenario” of the exercise, named Anaconda-2016, would be 'a mishap, a miscalculation which the Russians construe, or choose to construe, as an offensive action' ”.(
Do the people of Europe really want to participate in the madness of aggression against Russia? Of course not! What about European leaders? Why don’t they follow the will of the people and free Europe from bondage to the United States? Have our leaders been bribed? Or have they been blackmailed through personal secrets, discovered by the long arm of NSA spying?

To save itself from the danger of nuclear annihilation, Europe must declare its independence from America, just as the United States once declared its independence from Britain.

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• John Avery received a B.Sc. in theoretical physics from MIT and an M.Sc. from the University of Chicago. He later studied theoretical chemistry at the University of London, and was awarded a Ph.D. there in 1965. He is now Lektor Emeritus, Associate Professor, at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen. Fellowships, memberships in societies: Since 1990 he has been the Contact Person in Denmark for Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. In 1995, this group received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. He was the Member of the Danish Peace Commission of 1998. Technical Advisor, World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe (1988- 1997). Chairman of the Danish Peace Academy, April 2004. He can be reached at

NATO urged towards Russia

SUBHEAD:Germany urges NATO to work with Moscow and stop carrying out war games on its borders.

By Sputnik on 18 June 2016 for Global Research - 

Image above: Preparations for Anaconda-2016 taking place in Drawsko Pomorskie, north-western Poland. Photograph by Marcin Bielecki. From (

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is calling for Europe, and especially NATO members, to work with Moscow and stop carrying out military exercises close to the Russian border.
Conducting military exercises close to the Russian border is no way to achieve greater security for Europe, which would be better off initiating a dialogue with Moscow, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Friday.Speaking at the close of NATO’s Anaconda 16 military exercise in Poland, Steinmeier warned the alliance against saber-rattling, and urged its members to work together with Russia for the security of Europe.

What we should not do now, is inflame the situation with loud saber-rattling and war cries,” he told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.
"Anyone who thinks that symbolic tank parades on the Eastern border of the alliance create more security is mistaken."
The Foreign Minister said that NATO members should invest in a partnership with Russia, and gave examples where that kind of cooperation has led to progress.”The prevention of an Iranian nuclear bomb, the fight against radical Islam in the Middle East and the stabilization of the Libyan state are recent examples,” Steinmeier said.

The Anaconda 16 exercise was conducted in Poland from June 7 to June 17. It involved more than 31,000 participants from 24 countries, making it Europe’s largest military exercise since the end of the Cold War.

The exercise comes ahead of NATO’s summit in Warsaw on July 8-9, at which the alliance is expected to announce more of its military build-up in Eastern Europe.On Monday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg informed the press about some of the undertakings that the alliance was expecting from NATO Defense Ministers at meetings last week, decisions which he said will pave the way for the Warsaw summit in July.His announcements included one concerning the establishment of eight new headquarters in Eastern Europe, and the deployment of four battalions on rotation in Poland and the Baltic states.

Stoltenberg highlighted the larger NATO Response Force and new Spearhead Force, and called for further increases in military spending from members.”Last month, the Spearhead Force conducted an exercise which showed how far we have come. One thousand troops and four hundred military vehicles moved from Spain to Poland within four days,” boasted the NATO Secretary General.

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