Haena Subsistence Fishing

SUBHEAD: Hawaii Governor Ige signs bill supporting Haena Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area.

By Leo Azambuja on 5 August 2015 for ForKauai -

Image above: Aerial photo of Haena Point and its coral reef formation is an especially rich aquatic environment. Click to embiggen. From (http://www.dreampusher.com/kauai-august2005/).

Gov. David Ige has signed into law the Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area for Haena, Kauai. The state of Hawaii’s first CBSFA was filed Tuesday, according to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources.

The result of years of discussions and collaboration between the Haena community and various stakeholders, this historic rules package gives the Ha‘ena hui an opportunity to protect its ocean resources, based on traditional fisheries management practices.

“The Haena CBSFA is an outstanding example of self-determination and governance for a local community, which wants to not only preserve but enhance its local fishery for sustainability,” Ige said in a DLNR press release. “I personally want to thank everyone involved for their patience and kokua in bringing this long process to a great conclusion.”

The rules for the Haena CBSFA were approved by the state Board of Land and Natural Resources last October. DLNR will hold a public hearing on the Ha‘ena CBSFA Management Plan at a later date.

“Community based management of this nature isn’t only the past, but is now the future,” DLNR Chair Suzanne Case said. “This CBSFA reflects the hard work and commitment of the greater Haena community and provides a great example of how other communities and the state can collaborate to manage precious natural resources.”

The Ha‘ena CBSFA is the result of more than a decade of work, overwhelming support from the local community and strong recognition that government cannot do it alone and community-based management and buy-in is critical to sustaining natural resources now and for future generations.

Thomas Hashimoto, a respected master in fishing and agriculture practices was born and raised in Ha‘ena. He is also a founding member of Hui Makaainana o Makana, a nonprofit formed in 1999, which advocated for the creation of the Ha‘ena CBSFA.

“The land and the ocean are life for the people. In Haena, from my great-grandparents time, we were taught to malama Haena, its lands, and especially its ocean areas,” Hashimoto said. “I have been honored and humbled to share knowledge I received from my kupuna from past generations with all who live in Ha‘ena, so these same places that I have fished and gathered my whole life will continue to be here for my great-grandchildren and all future generations.”


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