Honey Bees Project

SUBHEAD: Together, we can raise awareness of the plight of the honey bees and our very survival.

By Fred Dente on 18 February 2015 for BeeBuzz  -

Image above: Still frame from video below.

​​"Owed To The Honey Bees” is a happy love song to the Honey Bees and all of Nature. With that song as our soundtrack, we are making a music video designed to educate, entertain and inspire all of us to help protect our pollinators and Mother Earth. We will use social media and other outlets to distribute the music video, ensuring that it goes viral worldwide.

Our Mission:
Our goals are to make a state-of -the-art music video, and to educate, entertain and inspire communities and individuals to choose proactive solutions that create a healthy environment for Honey Bees and all pollinators.

Our Project:
We are seeking donations to enable us to create our music video, which we will distribute throughout the world using YouTube and various other forms of social media.

Video above: From (http://youtu.be/C7KLkrVzxt8).

Contact us:
Together, we can raise awareness of the plight of the Honey Bees and the vital impact that they have on our environment and our very survival. For information on how you can bee a volunteer, contact us.


(808) 823-6293


US Mail:
The Honey Bees Project
3-2600 Kaumualii Hwy
Ste 1300 PMB #263
Lihue, HI ​96766-1695

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