College and Career Fair peace ban

SUBHEAD: The Hawaii state wide College and Career Fair bans local groups advocating peace and justice.

By Kip Goodwin on 12 November 2014 for Island Breath -

Image above: Military recruiting at career fair in 2010 at Central Carolina Community College. From (

The College and Career Fair is held annually on the four major population islands in Hawaii. Juniors and seniors from all the high schools, as well as middle school students, are bussed in on each island.

This year's event on Kauai is at the Kauai Marriott at Kalapaki on Monday, on November 17th. Some fifty colleges and recruiters from branches of the military have tables.

For the last four years, volunteers of Hawaii Peace and Justice have presented, at their table, factual and vetted information about military enlistment and service and post service realities,as well as college and career opportunities not otherwise represented at the Fair.

This year, Hawaii Peace and Justice is being kicked out of all College and Career Fairs on all islands. In a letter, Fair organizers say HI Peace and Justice does not fit within their mission statement. The letter is dated on Oct. 12, but not postmarked until one month later, or less than one week before the first Fair, a clear indication HI College and Career Fair wants to avoid a backlash from students, teachers and parents.

Upcoming Hawaii College & Career Fairs BANS Local Peace Groups!

The annual Hawaii College & Career Fair starts next week and travels to all islands.The Fairs provides career information and opportunities for 12,000 kids and parents to speak to over 200 representatives of higher education institutions including trade schools, business groups, visitor industries, and military recruiters.

THIS YEAR, at the last possible moment, local Hawaii 'counter military recruiting' groups have been UNINVITED and EXCLUDED from the fairs on all islands. Banning these groups is illegal and they need your help now.

Local counter military recruitment groups are youth advocacy groups that provide high school and middle school youth with crucial information 'to counter' the slick pitch for enlistees from military recruiters and give them alternative ideas besides enlistment.

Heads Up ~ YOUR Quick Email Needed NOW ~ for Equal Time!


If you are a parent, please ask your child's principal for 'equal time' for 'counter-recruiters' at the fair if you child's class is being bussed into this event.

Also, please send letters of support and/or outrage to your local newspapers. This is a blatant attempt to keep youth from getting full disclosure about military careers that they have a LEGAL right to.

Without the the local counter-recruitment groups participating at these fairs, minors will get heavily biased information, funded by our tax dollars.

ONLY YOU can put the pressure on to correct this injustice, right now.

Oahu - Hawaii Peace & Justice
Maui - Careers in Peace Making
Kauai - Kauai Alliance for Peace & Social Justice
Hawaii Island -The Peace Squad

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