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SUBHEAD: The proliferation of intense underwater noise poses a threat to the depleted fish stocks in the world’s oceans.  

By Sandy Herndon on 26 December 2011 for Children of the Land -

Image above: Detail of illustration depicting sources of ocean noise that can endanger whales. From (

Underwater Noise Pollution is intense human-generated noise in the marine environment. It is caused by use of explosives, oceanographic experiments, geophysical research, underwater construction, ship traffic, intense active sonars and air guns used for seismic surveys for oil and related activities.

 There is grave concern that proliferation of these noise sources poses a significant threat to marine mammals, fish and other ocean wildlife. Scientists agree, and a growing body of research confirms, that the intense sound produced by these noise sources can induce a range of adverse effects in marine mammals.

These effects include death and serious injury caused by brain hemorrhages or other tissue trauma; strandings and beachings; temporary and permanent hearing loss or impairment; displacement from preferred habitat and disruption of feeding, breeding, nursing, communication, sensing and other behaviors vital to the survival of these species, psychological and physiological stress, making animals more vulnerable to disease, parasites and predation.

High-intensity sound has been shown to have adverse impacts on other marine species as well. The proliferation of intense underwater noise poses a threat to already depleted fish stocks throughout the world’s oceans. As stated most recently by the Cetacean Specialist Group of the IUCN-World Conservation Union: “Military operations involving the use of high-intensity sonar, explosive devices, and other intense noise sources pose both lethal and sub-lethal threats to cetaceans.  

A free lecture on Ocean Noice by Marsha Green, PhD. of the Ocean Mammal Institute  

Thursday, December 29, 2011, 7:00 pm  

Children of the Land Center, Kapa'a (next to Papaya's) 
Kauai Village Shopping Center (Safeway Center) 4-831 Kuhio Hwy #332 Kapaa, HI 96746

Koholā Leo (Whale Voice), Kaua'i based marine mammal protection organization.  


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