Lesser of Two Evils

SUBHEAD: We are way past the point of no return. We must go forward on this road choosing the correct fork.  

By Aaron Hawkins on 29 November 2011 for Waiting for the Storm - (http://www.waitingforthestorm.com/revolution-the-lesser-of-two-evils)

Image above: A painting of the first American revolution against the British empire. From (http://www.3sigma.com/iconic-revolutionary-images-and-slogans/american-revolution-2/).

We as a people are faced with a fork in the road. One path requires no effort, and it is this path that will be taken if we do not act with fierce determination to change course. The path we are on leads to a world war and an unimaginable loss of life, the alternative path is the path to a revolution.

I've talked about the fact that we are on the road to World War III in many of my videos in the past, but I have refrained from calling for a revolution. I have held back from this, because I'm a father, and I know that there will be no way to control the chain of events that follow if an uprising were to succeed. However, the realization has been slowly dawning on me over the past several months that a revolution truly is the lesser of two evils.

Perhaps 20 years ago, if the citizens of the U.S. and elsewhere had been vigilant, and had been willing to do what was necessary to oust the cartel of criminals which had already begun infiltrating all levels of government and finance, the situation could have been turned around within the existing system, but that window has passed. America is far beyond the point of no return, and it has taken the rest of the world along for the ride.

It's very hard for people to come to terms with this. It's extremely frightening to realize that you are on a train that is rushing full speed for a cliff. It's so frightening that many resort to outright denial. To maintain that denial people invent the most absurd explanations in order to dismiss the obvious signs of impending disaster, and when all else fails they immerse themselves in entertainments and distractions in order to avoid reality.

To a person in that category, what I am saying here must sound ludicrous. To hear me state that not only is America beyond the point of no return, but that revolution is the only way that we can avoid a nuclear holocaust must be shocking for someone who's world is defined by the ebb and flow of prime time television.

The abysmal, willful ignorance, of the population is daunting, so much so that many say there is no hope of rallying a force for change. I understand that assessment, and I would agree with it if it were not for one variable with has the potential to overcome all odds: the power of the will. We don't need a majority. We don't need anything near a majority. What we need is for the those that are awake to act without hesitation, and to do everything in their power to motivate those around them to do the same. We must act as if our lives depend upon it, because in reality, they really do.

Video above: "Recipe for Revolution". From (http://youtu.be/A7IvLEpjPmc).

Video above: "Open Message to Police & Military". From (http://youtu.be/A7IvLEpjPmc).


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