Tapped - The Movie

SOURCE: Kenneth Taylor (taylork021@Hawaii.rr.com) SUBHEAD: Protect your health and the health of Planet Earth. Don't drink plastic bottled water. Image above: Graphic logo from titles of "Tapped - The Movie". WHAT: Tapped - The Movie is to be shown on Kauai and is an effective warning to stop drinking water out of plastic bottles. Plastic containers are hazardous to your health. Watch the movie at the following locations to learn why: WHEN & WHERE: Sunday, April 11, 6 PM Lihue Neighborhood Center, 3353 Eono Street - Surfrider Foundation Wednesday, April 14, 6 PM Kekaha Neighborhood Center 8130 Elepaio Road Thursday, April 15, 6 PM Hanapepe Neighborhood Center 4451 Puoloo Road Saturday, April 17, 3 PM Koloa Neighborhood Center 3461 Weliweli Road Thursday, April 22, 6:30 PM Kapa'a Library 1464 Kuhio Highway Saturday, April 24, 3 PM Kalaheo Neighborhood Center 4480 Papalina Road Thursday, April 29, 6 PM Waimea Neighborhood Center 4556 Makeke Road SPONSORS: This film is brought to Kauai Island from the following organizations. The Surfrider Foundation, Zero Waste Kauai, Malama Kauai, Malama Kauai, GMO Free Kauai, The Sierra Club, The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii. REVIEW: (http://www.greenzer.com/blog/5183-tapped-documentary.html)

Before you start rolling your eyes and saying “another eco-documentary?” and then “and it’s about bottled water?”, bear with us. Sure, settling in to watch a film that focuses solely on bottled water sounds boring, but Tapped is anything but. The eco-doc investigates and explores all areas of bottled water and the results are in turn both shocking, appalling, and inspiring.

Brought to you from the producers of Who Killed the Electric Car, Tapped spills the goods on all the bad in the bottled water industry. Think you already know everything there is to know about why we shouldn’t be buying bottled water? You might not. Maybe you acknowledge the environmental issues of using petroleum to make the plastic and not recycling the bottles after (leaving them to linger for hundreds of years), but do you think about the carbon emissions that come from transporting the water from the facility where it’s bottled to your local store? What about the fact that bottled water is less regulated than tap in many cases, and is, in fact, tap water just without the pesky government monitoring. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg (or, in this case, the first sip of the bottle). Click here to read more.

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