Wham-O Moves to America

SUBHEAD: Wham-O moving its production of Frisbees, hula hoops and pool noodles from China to the U.S. is reverse colonialism.

By Jon Stewart on 23 April 2010 on the Daily Show -

Image above: A Wham-O Professionsl 108 gram Frisbee made from recycled plastic. From (http://www.inthehopper.org/sustainability/frisbees-recycled-content)  

So what does it mean? Wham-o is moving production back the USA because shipping costs, and other such overhead, makes it cheaper to manufacture in the US. The guy from China said that China does not want that sort of industry so much anymore.

China wants higher paying jobs such as engineering, and software development. Such high-tech work is also less environmentally destructive, and there is no shipping cost involved. In other words: now that China has progressed, let the US have the crappy jobs.

 Not that long ago, I remember reading a similar article with a guy from India saying that Indians are becoming much less interested in call center jobs. Today Indians want to be developers, architects, analysts, and project managers. Who could blame them? I seem to remember a few article about call center jobs coming back to the US. So now the trend seems to be that the US gets the low-end jobs, while China and India enjoy the high-end careers.

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