Hirono, Blue Dogs and Health

SUBHEAD: Progressives in House do not want compromised health care plan.
By Nita, Kat, Ilya and Peter on 31 July 2009 for MoveOn.org
Huge news! Yesterday, 57 members of Congress—including your representative, Mazie Hirono—stood together and showed unified support for a robust public health insurance option.1 After a small group of conservative Democrats cut a deal to weaken the public option, progressives held a late-night meeting and sprung into action the next morning. They gathered enough signatures on a letter opposing the deal to show that without their support, it could not pass the full House.2
image above: Variation of cartoon by Matson in Roll Call True leadership like this is critical to winning real health care reform with a robust public health insurance option this year—and we need to make sure Rep. Hirono hears just how much we all appreciate it. Can you sign a thank you card to Rep. Hirono today? The card thanks her for her leadership and says her we're counting on her to keep fighting until we get a real public option. Click the link below to sign the card: http://pol.moveon.org/thankscpc/?tg=FHHI_02&cp_id=1058&id=16699-6816816-wgF1LQx&t=3 We're closer than we've ever been to achieving real health care reform, but Republicans and their industry allies continue to fight tooth and nail to weaken reform—and too many conservative Democrats are still playing into their hands.3 Rep. Hirono needs to hear from thousands of us that her strong statement means a lot to the people in her district who are in desperate need of quality, affordable health care. Can you sign the thank you card today? http://pol.moveon.org/thankscpc/?tg=FHHI_02&cp_id=1058&id=16699-6816816-wgF1LQx&t=4

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