Sunshine dawns on Kauai?

SUBHEAD: Equal access to the Council agenda still has not been addressed, but progress has recently been made. By Brad Parsons on 29 July 2009 in Aloha Analytics - ( Image above: Photograph by Hanapepe artist Arius Hopman "Stillness in Action" shows Puolo Point at dawn. From On July 22, 2009 Council Chair Kaipo Asing stated “I am willing as chair to work with you to solve the problems" changes asked for over two years ago are indeed starting to happen. We are very pleased at this turn of events and appreciate Mr. Asing's decision to allow the changes. Following are landmarks of Kauai Council meetings concerning the Sunshine Law and open government. • July 2nd 2008, The council chair in a press release announced that minutes of Council meetings and reports of Council actions will start to be posted on the County's web site • July 27, 2008 the Council Chair issued a memo stating that documents sent to all Councilmembers will be available upon receipt. • July 28, 2007 County Clerk issued a routine memo stating minutes were ready for review; for the first time they were available in an electronic format on the Council services shared folders and hard copies. see also: Ea O Ka Aina: Kauai Back-Room Dealing 7/28/09

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