"Conquest of Hawaii"

SUBHEAD: "Conquest of Hawaii is a documentary showing on 7/12 at Kapaa Neighborhood Center.

Chronicle of Hawaii's history from Kamehameha
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Image above: Detail of "A Gathering of Chiefs" by Herb Kane. From http://herbkaneart.com/commissions.html#chiefs

WHAT: "Conquest of Hawaii" is a documentary produced by the History Channel that details the arrival of the first polynesians who created a bountiful society which was later taken over by western settlers who overthrew the Hawaiian Monarchy and later forced Statehood upon the Native Hawaiians, to Hawaii's present situation and the Sovereignty Movement. There will be talk story and discussion to follow.

Kapaa Neighborhood Center Auditorium, on Kuhio Highway

Sunday, July 12th, at 12 Noon


For more information please call Ben Nihi at (808) 634-0469.

One of the most remote places on earth, the Hawaiian Islands were thrust into the spotlight of history by Pearl Harbor, and then the Pacific archipelago became America's 50th state in 1959. From the voyages of the ancient Polynesians to the current independence movement, this feature-length special examines America's tropical treasures. 
Meet some of the many larger-than-life figures who have called Hawaii home and examine the influence of people like Captain Cook and the legendary King Kamehameha, who used courage, luck, determination, deceit and strategic brilliance to bind the islands into one nation. Head to the Pacific for a tour of the real Hawaii, see what the islands were like before the hotels came to Honolulu, and examine the roots of the burgeoning Hawaiian independence movement. 
Features interviews with leading politicians, historians and activists. A History Channel video, plain jacket (100 minutes)


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