Kauai Puna Moku Update

SUBHEAD: Modification to Niumalu and Huleia ahupuaa boundary to provide better access to shoreline.

By Juan Wilson on 19 May 2018 for Island Breath -

Image above: Detail of change to Kauai moku of Puna Huleia ahupuaa boundary with Niumalu. Click for full map. From (http://www.islandbreath.org/hawaiinei/M7Kauai/M7KauaiRasterFile.png).

After a consultation with Jonathan Jay we have made a modification to the boundary between  Niumalu and Huleia ahupuaa in the moku of Puna on the island of Kauai.  We think a clearer and improved boundary line has been delineated.

In previous versions of the Puna plan the Huleia ahupuaa failed to reach the true coastline of Kauai, and thus was landlocked with only Huleia Stream passing out to the ocean between Niumalu and Kipu.

We have also recently added an additional layer of information to Kauai that includes many of the locations and names of significant mountain peaks. This is important to understanding moku and ahupuaa boundaries, especially from a ground's eye perspective.

We have not yet scheduled work on the mountain peaks of other islands. It would likely require weeks of work.

Hawaiinei Land Areas
Available updated downloads for Kauai:
GoogleEarth file .KMZ (15 MB) uploaded 5/19/18
24"x36"Plotfile .PDF (44 MB) uploaded 5/19/18
Hi RezRaster File .PNG (15 MB) uploaded 5/19/18
ArcView GIS files SHP .ZIP (319 KB) uploaded 5/19/18
AutoCAD files DXF .ZIP (2.7 MB)  uploaded  5/19/18  


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