Too Little Too Late

SUBHEAD: We are about to come out of the self induced social media coma of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By Juan Wilson on 5 April 2018 for Island Breath -

Image above: We are witnessing the unavoidable fate of sandcastles at the edge of the ocean. From (

Just check out the trajectory of our Fearless Leader, Donald Chump. In a desperate effort to keep the wheels on the bus he is going to trash every safeguard put in place to keep civilization from becoming a fatal cancer on Gaia. He's pulling out the stops and stepping on the gas - Thelma and Louise style.

But I know you know the "American Dream" is over. "Make America Great Again" is worse than an empty slogan... it's going in the wrong direction... back to an even greater consumption of what little of the Natural World is left. It's like eating babies to keep from starving... not a good long term plan.

We are about to come out of the self induced social media coma of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Did we really think is had any substance beyond the dull glow of the screen on our faces as Siri or Alexa whispers in our ear?

It did allow us to not look at the landscape transforming around us as we pilfered the last of Mother Nature. Too bad the party is over and we have a hangover.

We are going to have to clean up the mess and get on with the work at hand... that is work with hands on shovels, hoes and rakes. It's down to this for most of the survivors - gardening.

 That and learning how to do something useful without utility services and container shipping.

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