Waialeale Water Lease

SOURCE: Ken Taylor (littlewheel808@gmail.com)
SUBHEAD: A cultural study in preparation for renewal of a sixty-five year lease on Wailua River water.

From Ken Taylor on 18 July 2017 in Island Breath -

Image above: "The Blue Hole" is valley shaped by countless waterfalls from "The Weeping Wall" below Waialeale that feed into the largest river in Hawai - the Wailua. From (http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/hawaii/hi-weeping-wall/).

The Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) has contracted Cultural Surveys Hawaii to complete a cultural study on the proposed 65 year water lease of North Fork Wailua River, Waikoko, Iliiliula, Waiaka and Waiahi Streams, Puna District, Kauai.

KIUC is currently diverting 100% of the base flow of these mountain streams orgiginating from the Alakai and Mount Waialeale, for hydropower. These 2 KIUC hydropower plants produce only 1% of Kauai's power needs, which now is 90% supplied by solar panels during the day.

The Waiahi Hydropower plants, over a hundred years old, were needed to supply power to Lihue Mill. We now have other power options, that do not depend on diverting 100% of stream water from our forests.

Nicole Ishihara, from Cultural Surveys Hawaii, is coming to Kauai this Thursday and Friday, July 20th & 21st, to talk to Kauai about the impacts of this proposed 65 year lease by KIUC.

She will be available to talk to folks at Hā Coffee Shop in Lihue from 10 am to about 12. We will then meet up at Wailua State Park parking lot, by the Birth Stones, to carpool up to the area of the KIUC diversion (Blue Hole). Vehicles with 4WD are welcome.

Nicole Ishihara will also be available to meet with the community Thursday early evening, and Friday morning until about noon.

This is a chance for Kauai to let their voices be heard about the impacts of the diversion of a culturally important stream, proposed for the next 65 years. A lifetime without Mauka-Makai water connection from Mount Waialeale. It's just not right.

Attached is CSH letter requesting comments, and sample questions. Please let Nicole know the importance of Waialeale water by letter, phone call, chant, dance, art - however you need to express what water from Waialeale means to you, your family and your community, for the next 65 years.

Nicole Ishihara
Cultural Surveys Hawaii
(808) 965-6478

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