Magic with Magnets and Marbles

SUBHEAD: Watch these videos and enjoy the dance of kinetic energy, gravity and geometry.

By Rob Beschizza on 20 December 2016 for Boing Boing -

Image above: Still frame from video below "Magnets and Marbles!".

This isn't your usual kinetic pachinko balls-in-a-gravity-maze toy, but a mindbending demonstration of magnets. It starts getting really crazy at about 2m in but one should enjoy the subtle pleasures too.

Here's creator Kaplamino:
In this project, I use those little magnets that can be used to make cubes and others geometric figures, I think the name is "Neocube". It's really impressive how many tricks you can do with that, at the beginning I didn't think that I could make a whole project based on those magnets, but finally, it was pretty easy and I think there is still lots of cool tricks to discover!

Video above: "Magnets and Marbles!" by Kaplamino. From (

Video above: "Marbles Tricks" by Kaplamino. From (


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